Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Ranked

Top 10 Tyler Perry Films

Tyler Perry exemplifies drive, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit, essential qualities for scaling the heights of success, particularly in an industry as select as Hollywood. Perry has never shied away from a challenge. Although from humble beginnings, he has risen to much acclaim. Perry’s versatility extends across various roles in the industry, including writer, actor, director, producer, and visionary. While some may debate the quality of his work, criticism is ubiquitous in the field of art. Of course, not every work in an artist’s portfolio will be brilliant. One thing is sure, Perry is one of the hardest-working men in the business, evident not only in the volume of his output but also in the excellence of several notable works. Here is a curated list of the top ten in Tyler’s catalog, films superb in story and craft. (Madea-led films weren’t included)

no good deeds Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond Madea Ranked

Good Deeds

“Good Deeds” stands out as one of the more substantial entries in Perry’s body of work. In typical fashion, Perry assumes the lead role as Wesley Deeds. However, his commitment to excellence extends beyond his performance. Perry ensures that a top-notch team is onboard, and Good Deeds is talent-rich. Other members of the cast include Thandie Newton (Seven Pounds), Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane), Phylicia Rashad (Creed), and Beverly Johnson. The acting is merely one thing of mention. “Good Deeds” offers a compelling narrative with a profound and resonant message about true wealth and altruism. While it is one of the better movies in his catalog, it pales compared to others.

Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond

Why Did I Get Married Too

“Why Did I Get Married” and its sequel, “Why Did I Get Married Too,” are among Perry’s films adapted from his stage plays. While rooted in the stage productions, the films diverge significantly in tone, taking on a more serious and intense approach to relationship dynamics. Very much like “Good Deeds,” “Why Did I Get Married Too,” was composed of a very talented cast which includes Malik Yoba, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White, Louis Gossett Jr., Lamman Rucker, Richard T. Jones, and the late icon Cicely Tyson, known for her exceptional talent. The film resonates with viewers as one of Perry’s stronger works, defying the notion that sequels are typically inferior to the original.

why did iget married Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond

Why Did I Get Married

Released in 2007, “Why Did I Get Married” revolves around four couples who annually retreat to the mountains to rekindle their friendships and marriages. However, as time has passed, the obvious strains of life have begun to unravel the cords of matrimony, prompting the fundamental question: why did they marry? The film features a stellar cast portraying the core couples, each delivering compelling performances. This also marked Jill Scott’s film debut, and she nailed it. Scott’s emotionally charged performance captivated viewers, evoking both empathy and cheers as her character found empowerment and a better path forward

a family that preys Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond

The Family That Preys

“The Family that Preys,” is likely one of Perry’s more unexpected but solid works. True to form, Perry demonstrates his knack for identifying exceptional talent, assembling a cast that includes industry stalwarts such as Alfre Woodard, Kathy Bates, Rockmond Dunbar, Sanaa Lathan, Taraji P. Henson, and Robin Givens. Whether the names sold the feature, or the plot is a moot point, as both are complementary. With this piece, there was more than enough proof that Perry understood the nuances of a dramatic piece. And one thing he knows well is family dynamics.

Fall From Grace

“Fall From Grace” was another unexpected feature. This 2020 feature starred Phylicia Rashad. Crystal Fox, Mehcad Brooks, Cicely Tyson, and Bresha Webb. Rashad’s performance was particularly notable as she showcased her range in portraying a maniacal, manipulative, and utterly insane character—a departure from her previous roles. While categorized as a crime drama, the film also offers elements of a gripping thriller, drawing viewers into its suspenseful narrative. And it didn’t do too bad with viewers as evidenced by the film’s 5.9 IMDB rating.

Harley (Robbie Jones) and Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) in TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION. Photo credit: KC Bailey

Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

“Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” is a 2013 release that falls in the category of romance drama. Temptation is one of Perry’s films that sticks with its viewers. This sad and tragic story was brought to life by some seasoned and established artists such as Jurnee Smollett (Judith), Vanessa Williams, Brandee Norwood, Lance Gross (Brice), and Robbie Jones. And even Kim Kardashian. Smollett and Gross deliver exceptional performances, portraying childhood sweethearts whose relationship deteriorates as Judith succumbs to the allure of temptation and material desires, despite Brice’s steadfast goodness. And it costs her a lot. In alignment with other works of this creative professional, there is a moral underpinning. The moral undertone serves as a cautionary tale for those who are blinded by all that glitters, reinforcing the timeless adage that “All that glitters is not gold.”.

daddys little girls Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond

Daddy’s Little Girls

“Daddy’s Little Girls” comes in at number four on the list. Highlights include the actors, their delivery, the storyline, and the connectivity of this piece. Released in 2007,” Daddy’s Little Girls” revolves around a father, portrayed by Idris Elba, who strives to raise his three daughters single-handedly despite the shortcomings of their mother. While his daughters bring joy to his life, there remains a void in his heart. As life has it, he meets a beautiful lawyer (Gabrielle Union) who fills those spaces. Through her support and presence, what was once broken is gradually repaired. “Daddy’s Little Girls” is one of Tyler Perry’s more touching works, resonating with audiences through its heartfelt portrayal of love, family, and redemption.

for colored girls Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond

For Colored Girls

Coming in at number three is “For Colored Girls.” Adapted from Ntozake Shange’s acclaimed play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf,” the film draws much of its emotional depth from its source material. There are no words to describe the depth of this film. The story centers on ten women who are interconnected by some of the ugliest experiences in life. As sufferers of abuse, they tell their stories, giving voices to all the other women who have not worked up the courage to tell their tales. “For Colored Girls” is one of Tyler Perry’s finest works, its power magnified by its externally sourced material. Regardless, Perry’s ability to bring this poignant piece to life speaks volumes of his vision.

acrimony Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond


Number two goes to “Acrimony.” “Acrimony” delivers all the crazy. Taraji P. Henson delivers an outstanding performance as Melinda, a character who struggles with her sanity throughout the story. After years of supporting her man and growing disillusioned by his seemingly futile efforts, she cuts him loose. However, when she realizes she may have made a hasty decision and sees her ex-husband thriving with a new love interest, she spirals. The interplay of the script and the acting render this film a powerfully intense watch, solidifying Perry’s ability to engage the viewer.

a jazzman blues Top 10 Tyler Perry Films Beyond

A Jazzman’s Blue

For those skeptical of Tyler Perry’s filmmaking abilities, “A Jazzman’s Blues” serves as compelling evidence to the contrary. Many were surprised to learn that it was indeed Perry’s creation, attesting to the depth and quality of his storytelling. It’s a sad, tragic, and immensely powerful story. It depicts a story of forbidden love during a time when acceptance was limited to a chosen few who fit narrow criteria. It delves into the complexities of passion, illustrating how uncontrolled emotions can sour and even turn deadly. Furthermore, the film authentically captures a bygone era, offering a sobering reflection on the past. “A Jazzman’s Blues” is great cinema the proof is in the pudding.

Indeed, Tyler Perry’s filmography, like any other Hollywood director or producer, encompasses both top-tier hits and lesser-performing works. However, the evidence of his artistry is undeniable. With several promising films on the horizon, Perry has ample opportunities to demonstrate his prowess and cement his place among the best in the industry.

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