Trevor Jackson and Shia LaBeouf to Star in Action Thriller Mace


Shia LaBeouf and Trevor Jackson have been confirmed as the leads in the upcoming action thriller film, ‘Mace.’ Directed by Jon Amiel and penned by David Chisholm, this highly anticipated project is currently being presented to potential buyers at the Cannes Film Festival by Myriad Pictures.

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‘Mace’ tells a harrowing story that revolves around two contrasting police officers. LaBeouf portrays Mace, a veteran officer who is dangerous and corrupt, while Jackson takes on the role of Virgil Woods, a young rookie driven by the belief that he can change the system that breeds officers like Mace from within. Inspired by recent instances of racial injustice on American streets, Woods refuses to be intimidated, pitting his principles against the amoral Mace. As Mace unleashes a gang war to cover up his crimes, Woods risks everything to protect the city from destruction. The lives of those around Mace hang in the balance as he plays a dangerous game, relentlessly attempting to conceal his tracks, regardless of the cost.

Production for ‘Mace,’ produced by Lawrence Steven Meyers, John Evangelides, Randy Dannenberg, and Robert Maclean, under the Meyers Media Group banner, is scheduled to commence later this year in New Jersey. Additional casting for the film is currently underway, with Brendan McDonald and Kirk D’Amico serving as executive producers. Tribune Pictures has also come aboard to co-produce and co-finance the project, adding further support to its realization.

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Speaking on behalf of Myriad Pictures, Kirk D’Amico expressed delight in having Shia LaBeouf lead the cast, highlighting the film’s exploration of the dark underbelly of a contemporary police precinct in New Jersey. With Jon Amiel at the helm and LaBeouf in the title role, the project is expected to deliver an extraordinary and exhilarating result.

Lawrence Steven Meyers further expressed excitement about the assembled cast and creative team, emphasizing the incredible screenplay and the irresistible combination of Jon Amiel’s direction and the lead performances of Shia LaBeouf and Trevor Jackson. The investment from Tribune Pictures has enabled the film to receive the green light in time for Myriad to present it at the prestigious Cannes Market.


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