Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Upload’ Returns for Season 3: A World of Possibilities and Complications Await [TRAILER]

upload season 3

In an exciting announcement for fans of the popular sci-fi comedy series “Upload,” Prime Video is set to premiere the highly anticipated Season 3 on October 20, 2023. With the return of Nathan, Ingrid, and Nora, this new season promises a fresh wave of intrigue, humor, and unexpected twists.

“Upload” made its debut in 2020 and quickly gained popularity for its unique premise. The story revolves around Nathan, portrayed by Robbie Amell, who meets an untimely demise early in the first episode. However, in this futuristic world, technology allows individuals to upload their consciousness into a virtual afterlife, known as Lakeview. The series has been a hit for Prime Video, with Season 2 maintaining its success in 2022.

The core cast remains unchanged for Season 3, with Robbie Amell reprising his role as Nathan, albeit with a twist as he portrays two versions of the character. Andy Allo returns as Nora, Nathan’s “guardian angel,” and love interest, while Allegra Edwards reprises her role as Ingrid.

Other familiar faces include Kevin Bigley as Nathan’s Lakeview companion Luke and Owen Daniels as the A.I. Guy who services the residents of Lakeview. Season 3 introduces Jeanine Mason as Karina, a new Horizen executive, adding a new layer of intrigue to the storyline.

The recent release of the Season 3 trailer on September 22, 2023, has generated significant excitement among fans. The trailer provides an extended look at the upcoming season, focusing on the love triangle involving Nathan, Nora, and the rebooted Lakeview Nathan. It’s clear that the return of Nathan to the real world will not be without its complications, especially since another version of Nathan remains in Lakeview.

Intriguingly, the third season of “Upload” will delve deeper into the Freeyond conspiracy, which was hinted at in Season 2. While the world anticipates the launch of Freeyond as a path to a free afterlife, Nathan and Nora know the true implications. The Ludds aim to expose the conspiracy and prevent it before it’s too late, adding a layer of urgency to the narrative.

The love dynamics in Season 3 are poised to be a key element of the storyline. Nathan and Nora’s relationship faces new challenges, given the uncertainty surrounding the survival of Nathan’s new body. Meanwhile, Ingrid is fully aware of the alternate version of Nathan residing in Lakeview and is determined to rekindle their relationship.

With eight episodes, one more than the previous season, “Upload” Season 3 is expected to provide fans with plenty of entertainment. The first two episodes will be released on the premiere date, followed by the remaining six episodes in pairs over the next three Fridays, with the finale airing on November 10.

Watch the trailer below:

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