Vanessa Bell Calloway Leads a Coven of Black Witches in New ALLBLK Series Wicked City [TRAILER]

wiched city

ALLBLK just released the trailer to their upcoming series Wicked City, that centers on a coven of Black witches.

The series stars Vanessa Bell Calloway who leads a coven of Black witches portrayed by Taylor Ellene Polidore, Shaquita Smith, Mercedez McDowell, and Chanel Mack. The five of them push their supernatural powers to new heights after uncovering dark secrets and accidentally entering the world of the forbidden.

Columbus Short, Taylor Polidore, Rhonda Morman, Malika Blessing, and Rolonda Rochelle also star in the series.

The six-episode series comes from Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Donte Lee.

In Wicked City, four young, chic, modern-day witches – Jordan (Smith), Mona (McDowell), Angela (Maurice), and Sherise (Mack) belong to Charmed City, a coven lead by Tabitha (Bell Calloway). The witches make the acquaintance of Camille (Polidore), a naturally powerful witch who is oblivious to her gift.

Things take a menacing turn resulting in an accidental death and leading to the witches performing a forbidden resurrection spell. Unfortunately, it is too late, as a dark sinister being is brought back from the other side. Now, between their complicated personal lives, unearthed secrets of the past, and attempt to defeat a powerful wraith, this coven is in for the most dangerous ride of their lives.

Wicked City will premiere on ALLBLK Thursday, December 1, 2022.

Smallwood via Mega Mind Media and Donte Lee executive produce with Nikki Love executive producing for ALLBLK. Kevin Key serves as a producer Dale Lewis being the director for Relentless Studio. Melissa Llewellyn-Alston will also produce alongside Lee. Brett Dismuke and Nikki Love, the General Manager and SVP of Development & Production at ALLBLK, respectively, will also serve as executive producers for the streaming service.

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