Galentines Day Movie Night: 20 Movies That Celebrate Friendships


There’s Valentine’s day and then there is Galentine’s Day. And whether we are celebrating V-day or not, Galentine’s Day is still our newest favorite holiday.

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It is a day we get to celebrate our sisterhood with the women who keep us grounded and are there for us through all our rollercoaster of emotions, bad dates, and hilarious mishaps. So whether you are planning a lavish girls night or just sharing a (few bottles) of wine over gossip and laughter, check out the 20 movies that celebrate friendships to watch together.

Support The Girls

Sometimes your work friends turn into your real friends and sometimes your boss turns into a friend. If you can relate, you all will love Support the Girls.


Seriously Single

Laughter, tears, bad advice, good advice, dating fails and wins, and embarrassing stories are all that make up this movie and a great friendship.


Deliver Us From Eva

Most of the story may center on Eva’s dating life, when they do show us her sisterhood, they don’t skimp on the necessity for a woman to have that type of relationship, whether it be her real sisters or honorary sisters.





What’s better than watching a boss woman transform into a better well-rounded person with the help of a genuine friend, and a reminder of her childhood. Exactly nothing.




Waiting to Exhale

Grab some wine and indulge in all the toxic relationship themes throughout this film. When it is over feel free to go through all y’all toxic relationships and laugh (unless it still is triggering. In that case, drink more wine).




Girls Trip

What happens on your girls’ trip stays on your girls’ trip. This is one of those movies that celebrate friendships because that’s exactly what they are doing in this film.




Someone Great

This is a fun friendship story that is also clouded in heartbreak. This is definitely a tribute to how friends are essential in getting you through your heartbreaks.



Set It Off

You and your friends are one another’s ride or dies, right? Set it Off is one of those movies that celebrate friendships through the thick of it, the bank-robbing thick of it. We just have one question, who in your friend group is Stony?





If your girls don’t support your dreams like Nisi and Mickey do, you don’t have a solid group around you.




Hidden Figures

“Over here we measure success by how many people successful next to you” – shout out to the cliques that are breaking those glass ceilings together. Not only is this movie for y’all but we salute you all!



Secret Life of Bees

Your friends and business partners may just be your sisters. There is something beautiful about having a sister you can call your best friend.





We all have that one friend or it could be you’re who clique. The one who makes sure we are always in VIP when we go out and drinks are never on us.




Birds of Prey

Ever became friends with someone due to special circumstances? If so, y’all are on some Birds of Prey vibes and we love it.




Mean Girls

Your friendship may be as solid as they come but the friends in Mean Girls aren’t. It doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at just how schemey frienemies can be.




Nobody’s Fool

With our friendships, we don’t play. We vet everyone and are ready to go to war whenever someone on the outside violates. We are Nobody’s fool, one of those movies that celebrate.




Black Panther

While Black Panther doesn’t specifically celebrate women, it is the collectiveness of the women who protect their king and kingdom that makes one of our movies that celebrate friendships.





It’s easy to recognize bits of your own adolescence in this coming of age film, which explores a young woman’s process of gaining self-confidence after meeting three carefree girls.




Steel Magnolia

There are so many lessons about friendships to learn from watching Steel Magnolias. This movie will undoubtedly make you cry but the lessons and story are worth it.




With This Ring

Your friends may get married one day, how will you react it you are still single. This film gives hilarious insight into the lengths our friends may go to not be the last single gal standing.




Vacation Friends

This movie is for the friends who became friends by either vacation or through marraige.


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