‘9-1-1’ and Spin-off ‘9-1-1: Lonestar’ Get Renewed and One Gets a New Home at ABC

9-1-1 abc

After a six-season run on Fox, the Ryan Murphy-produced drama series 911 is making the move to ABC for its seventh season. The spinoff series, 911: Lone Star, will remain on Fox for its fifth season after being renewed. Disney’s 20th Television owns both series, and Fox’s decision to cancel 911 was due to financial considerations. As the broadcast network no longer owns the series, it must pay a licensing fee to Disney to air it. With broadcast ratings declining, Fox opted to discontinue airing the flagship series, which cost over $9 million per episode, while continuing to air the spinoff, which costs $6-7 million per episode.

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The move comes amidst a changing financial model for broadcast television shows, with studios like 20th TV looking to keep foreign and streaming rights for their own platforms. The resulting loss of revenue streams has led to pay cuts for cast and producers, as well as reductions in episode counts and series regulars. However, Disney is pleased to keep 911 within its family and looks forward to continuing to produce the series with 20th Television for ABC.

Fox has already renewed the bulk of its scripted shows for the upcoming broadcast season, including The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, and Family Guy, all of which are owned by Disney. ABC adds 911 to its male-leaning procedural lineup, which includes Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, The Good Doctor, The Rookie, and the new drama Will Trent. On the comedy side, ABC has given an early pickup to the critically acclaimed Abbott Elementary.



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