12 Black Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

9 Fictional Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

Christmas trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses, mistletoe, and carols are all customary elements of Christmas celebrations.

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While some individuals may or may not partake in Santa-centric celebrations, Papa Noel has emerged as a central figure of Christmas. Growing up, many people became familiar with the enchanting world of Santa and Christmas magic. However, many individuals have experienced their formative years without encountering a Santa Claus who reflected their own identity. A valuable lesson learned over time is the importance of representation. Although progress is ongoing in certain areas, there is now notably greater representation.

For those looking to infuse diversity into their holiday celebrations, here are instances where Black actors have demonstrated their holiday spirit by embodying the iconic figure of Christmas, Santa Claus.

David Alan Grier/Candy Cane Lane

David Alan Grier portrayed the Jolly old man a few times include most recently in Candy Cane Lane. In the film he made a surprise cameo towards the end. He also portrayed him in the TV musical ‘A Christmas Story Live!’


Tracee Ellis Roos/Girlfriends

In “Girlfriends”, Tracee Ellis Ross’ Joan Clayton donned a Santa suit in the episode titled “Santa v. Monica” from Season 3. In this episode, Joan takes on the role of Santa for Maya’s son Jabari after William faces a dilemma between playing Santa and attending an office party. This festive moment is part of the show’s exploration of holiday celebrations and highlights Joan’s character during the Christmas season


Lil Rel Howery/Dashing Through The Snow

Renowned for his comedic talent, Lil Rel Howery brought a fresh twist to the holidays this year. Howry has a new bag this Christmas, a magical sack. In the 2023 film “Dashing Through the Snow,” featuring Ludacris, Madison Skye Validum, and Teyonah Parris, Howery takes on the role of Nick, affectionately known as St. Nick. The movie weaves a heartwarming and spirited narrative emphasizing preserving the festive spirit. Picture a blend of the classic “Miracle on 34th Street” and the enchanting allure of “Prancer.” “Dashing Through the Snow is a captivating tale, and Howery’s portrayal adds a unique touch, making the character his own.


David Mann/Soul Santa

When it comes to eliciting laughter, David Mann is the undisputed maestro. One look at Mann’s ashy knees and the colorful costumes he dons in the character of Mr. Brown and raucous laughter is soon to follow. Yet, Mann has more than impeccable comedic timing; he showcases a remarkable range. In 2021, Mann embraced the character of Nicky in “Soul Santa,” sharing the screen with Tamala J. Mann and Brooke Monroe Conaway. In this cinematic venture, while playing the role of a Santa representative, he effortlessly exudes charm and style in the iconic suit.


Martin Lawrence/Martin

In the 1992 Martin episode “I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus,” Martin Lawrence nails the role of Santa for Tommy’s Big Brothers program. Despite his cotton ball beard and trademark catchphrase, he made the perfect Santa. And just because he’s Santa he doesn’t let that interfere with his mental that anyone can catch a comedic comeback if they come for him. Including kids. We’re telling our kids he was Santa.


9 Fictional Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

Faizon Love/Santa Games

Faizon Love, a notable actor celebrated for his comedic talents, has accumulated an extensive and impressive filmography throughout his career. The year 2022 marked Love’s portrayal of Santa Charles in the film “Santa Games.” The storyline delves into Charles’s quest to find a suitable replacement amid a plethora of Santas. But by the film’s end, it becomes apparent that the suit was tailor-made for Love.



Whoopi Goldberg/Call Me Claus

Whoopi Goldberg portrayed Santa Claus in the TV movie “Call Me Claus” (2001), directed by Peter Werner. The film revolves around Santa Claus seeking a replacement after 200 years on the job. He did so by choosing Lucy Cullins, played by Goldberg, who was a producer for a home shopping network.



9 Fictional Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

Tyler Perry/A Madea Christmas

Tyler Perry is celebrated for his multifaceted talents, with one of his most legendary personas being Mabel “Madea.” And when Madea hits the scene, viewers know there will be a room full of laughter and a lesson to learn. In 2013, Perry took on the role of Santa but as the sassy Madea. This version of Santa was unparalleled in spirit and quick-witted charm. Not even Madea could resist spreading a little cheer as the Jolly Old Elf. Resplendently, this is merely one standout part of the delightful Christmas treasure, “A Madea Christmas.”


9 Fictional Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

Morris Chestnut/The Perfect Holiday

More than a few films come to mind when the name Morris Chestnut is mentioned. For some, it’s the cultural classic “Boyz in the Hood.” For others, it may be the famous “Best Man” franchise. Or the thriller “When the Bough Breaks.” But despite his impressive portfolio, none were perhaps as warm-hearted as his role as Benjamin in “The Perfect Holiday.” In this film, Chestnut takes on the endearing part of a mall Santa during his downtime, spreading love and cheer to those who need it most. And he excels at it. What makes this film even more remarkable is its double dose of magic. While Chestnut is a heartwarming substitute for Papa Noel, Queen Latifah brings the real deal as Mrs. Christmas.


9 Fictional Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

John Witherspoon/Friday After Next

John Witherspoon was a legend. His characters were consistently vibrant, larger than life, and colorful. Among his diverse roles, Witherspoon embraced the persona of Jolly Old Saint Nick, And he did so on more than one occasion, showcasing his versatility. In the film “Friday After Next,” he brought the holiday spirit to life by portraying Father Christmas at a local mall for some kids. Additionally, in the 2006 animated feature film “Thugaboo: A Miracle on D Roc’s Street.”


9 Fictional Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

Mekhi Phifer/This Christmas

Phifer has showcased his versatile talent across various films and TV series, establishing a noteworthy career spanning from the 1995 film “Tuskegee Airmen” to the 2023 series “Truth Be Told.” His consistent dedication to his craft has made him a prominent figure in the industry. But fans of Phifer will fondly recall his role in the holiday film “This Christmas,” where he takes on the character of Gerald, a firefighter, and the romantic interest of Kelli Whitfield (Sharon Leal). Beyond his being an all-around good guy, Gerald dons the festive attire of Saint Nick each Christmas, bringing joy to children.



9 Fictional Santas to Leave Milk and Cookies Out For

Danny Glover/Naughty Nine

Another seasoned veteran in the world of cinema is none other than Danny Glover. With an impressive 204 credits to his name, according to IMDB, Glover has left an indelible mark on the film industry, contributing to iconic movies that serve as cultural markers for generations. His extensive filmography includes classics like “Lethal Weapon,” “The Color Purple,” “A Rage in Harlem,” “Beloved,” “Good Fences,” “Dream Girls,” and “Death at a Funeral,” among others.
In 2016, Glover embraced the Christmas spirit in the holiday film “This Christmas,” portraying the father, Walter, in a heartwarming family story. While he portrayed the paternal figure of a family on the brink in “Almost Christmas,” Glover is set to assume an even more prominent paternal role—none other than Father Christmas himself. Glover is slated to play Santa Claus in the upcoming feature “Naughty Nine.” Described by Entertainment as “Ocean’s Eleven for kids who didn’t even get coal for Christmas,” this film, with the addition of another Black Santa, is undoubtedly a must-see.


Keith David/Christmas in Compton

Keith David stands out as a true luminary when discussing noteworthy figures in the film industry. While he is affectionately recognized for his roles in horror classics like “The Thing” and “Tales of the Hood,” David’s cinematic journey is incredibly diverse, boasting an extensive filmography comprising over 372 works. His cinematic prowess has earned him legendary status, a testament to the austere range he brings to his roles. Among his impressive credits is a heartwarming portrayal of a loving father in the 2012 film “Christmas in Compton,” In this particular role, he skillfully took on the persona of a father who, on top of his parental responsibilities, occasionally assumed the festive role of Santa Claus. But why wouldn’t he? He’s also the owner of a Christmas Tree lot.

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