Angela Bassett Lends Her Voice to Queens Series for National Geographic

Angela Bassett Lends Her Voice to Queens Series for National Geographic

National Geographic continues its commitment to outstanding natural history storytelling, introducing a superstar ensemble of narrators for three prominent shows. Among these notable storytellers are Angela Bassett, Awkwafina, and Jeremy Renner.

Tom McDonald, the Executive Vice President of Global Factual and Unscripted Content at National Geographic, emphasized the pivotal role narrators play in the success of natural history series. He praised the charisma, personality, and passion that Angela, Awkwafina, and Jeremy bring to their respective projects, noting their unique contributions.

Janet Han Vissering, Senior Vice President of Development and Production, highlighted the beauty of narration in complementing the visually stunning cinematography that underpins captivating storytelling.

This announcement underscores National Geographic’s commitment to delivering top-notch natural history series and specials, including projects like Jon Favreau’s “LION,” “HOME,” and Ryan Reynolds’ “UNDERDOGS.” These endeavors unite visionary filmmakers, passionate conservationists, and leading talent, sharing a common passion for storytelling.

“QUEENS” (Narrated by Angela Bassett):
“QUEENS,” produced by Wildstar Films, introduces a new perspective in the world of wildlife. This seven-part series shifts the focus to powerful female leaders and matriarchies found in the wildest places on Earth. Angela Bassett, in addition to her role as a narrator, is an executive producer of this groundbreaking project. “QUEENS” delves into themes of sacrifice, resilience, friendship, and love, showcasing fierce female leaders who prioritize the success and safety of their families. The series leverages cutting-edge technology, offering surprising insights into the rise of females in the natural world, emphasizing cooperation and wisdom over brute strength. It also pays tribute to women who have dedicated their lives to documenting and protecting animal queens, celebrating their vital role in the ecosystem.

“INCREDIBLE ANIMAL JOURNEYS” (Narrated by Jeremy Renner):
Jeremy Renner narrates “INCREDIBLE ANIMAL JOURNEYS,” a series that takes viewers on a spectacular journey across the planet. Millions of animals migrate daily, following routes passed down through generations. The series provides a close-up view of their adventures, from soaring through the Antarctic to swimming in the Pacific Ocean, guided by nature’s cues. Jeremy Renner’s narration accompanies this remarkable adventure, revealing the stories of diverse species and the challenges they face.

“A REAL BUG’S LIFE” (Narrated by Awkwafina):
Inspired by Disney and Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life,” “A REAL BUG’S LIFE” is a Disney+ Original Series narrated by Awkwafina. This series offers a captivating adventure into nine distinct micro bug worlds worldwide, where the forces of nature play out on a miniature scale. Tiny creatures rely on extraordinary powers and alliances to navigate their daily lives. Awkwafina’s narration adds a fun and witty guide to this series, which explores the extraordinary lives of these tiny heroes. Advanced filming technology captures their mind-blowing behaviors and larger-than-life characters, proving that “A REAL BUG’S LIFE” can be as fantastical as any animated film.

This announcement is a testament to National Geographic’s unwavering commitment to delivering captivating and informative natural history programming, providing a global audience with a deeper connection to the wonders of the natural world.

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