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freaknik review

‘Freaknik’ Review: Hulu’s Documentary Explores the Rise, Fall, and Complex Legacy of a Culturally Iconic Event

Hulu’s “Freaknik” documentary serves as a poignant yet somewhat sanitized glimpse into the rise and fall of a cultural phenomenon that swept through Atlanta like a whirlwind in the 80s and 90s. As someone who didn’t live through the era firsthand, diving into the history of Freaknik was like uncovering a buried treasure trove of […]

2024 oscar nominees

Laughing at Stereotypes: The Brilliance of ‘American Fiction’ [REVIEW]

Cord Jefferson’s “American Fiction” challenges the conventions of black storytelling in a satirical and thought-provoking manner. “American Fiction” while a later release of the year, easily becomes the best original film adaptation of 2023, thanks to the incredible talent led by Jeffrey Wright. Jeffrey Wright, portraying the protagonist Thelonious Monk Ellison, delivers a masterclass performance. […]


“Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story” – A Revealing Journey into the Mindset of a Creative Trailblazer [REVIEW]

I recently watched “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story,” and found it particularly enlightening, especially if you’re a creative, entrepreneur, or simply a fan intrigued by Tyler Perry’s journey. Tyler Perry, undeniably one of the greatest creative minds of our time, unveils the layers of his private life in an intriguing and inspiring manner. What […]

Reviving Marvel Magic: 'The Marvels' Cures Superhero Fatigue and Ignites Excitement For the MCU's Future [REVIEW]

Reviving Marvel Magic: ‘The Marvels’ Cures Superhero Fatigue and Ignites Excitement For the MCU’s Future [REVIEW]

The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The Marvels,” has arrived, and I must say that it exceeded my expectations, especially if you, like me, were suffering from a bit of superhero fatigue and had been hearing mixed reviews. The film is not too long in length or feel. The diversity is not just […]

Five Nights at Freddy's: A Promising Concept with Flawed Execution

‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ is a Promising Concept with Flawed Execution [REVIEW]

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” is a horror film adaptation of the popular video game series and media franchise created by Scott Cawthon. The games are set in various locations related to a fictional family pizza restaurant franchise named “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza,” named after its animatronic bear mascot, Freddy Fazbear. Typically, players take on the role […]

the creator review

Exploring ‘The Creator’: John David Washington’s Brilliance in the Midst of AI Conflict and Ethical Dilemmas [REVIEW]

Review Written by Aria Harrell In this captivating two-hour and thirteen-minute science fiction film, audiences embark on an enthralling and emotionally charged journey through a conflict between humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI), a theme long-awaited by fans of the genre. John David Washington takes the lead as Joshua, an ex-special forces agent entrusted with the […]