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[INTERVIEW] Chester 'Tre' Rogers Talks Balancing His NFL Career and Acting on 'BMF,' Why He's Grateful for Tyler Perry and More

[INTERVIEW] Chester ‘Tre’ Rogers Talks Balancing The NFL and Acting on ‘BMF,’ Why Tyler Perry Changed His Life

Chester “Tre” Rogers is a man of many talents. The 29-year-old wide receiver has been juggling his successful NFL career with his passion for acting, including his recurring role in the hit Starz show “BMF.” Rogers has been interested in acting since he was just 10 years old and has starred in several movie projects, […]

rappers turned actors

Cut Two Checks: 22 Best Rappers Turned Actors

From chart-topping hits to Hollywood blockbusters, many rappers turned actors have proven themselves as multi-talented entertainers. Over the years years, the trend of “rappers turned actors” has only grown stronger. With a natural flair for performance, these artists have successfully transitioned from the music industry to the big screen. READ: 13 Comedians Who Played The Hell […]

7 Takeaways From Gina Prince-Bythewood's MUST-READ THR Feature

7 Takeaways From Gina Prince-Bythewood’s MUST-READ THR Feature About The Oscars Lack of Recognition of Black Talent

“I want our industry to be better. What does “for your consideration” mean when you don’t press play?” The recent Oscar Awards season has shed light on a long-standing issue in Hollywood – the lack of recognition for Black filmmakers and their work. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, The Woman King Director Gina Prince […]