Blair Underwood to Direct, Produce, and Star in Indie Thriller Viral

blair underwood viral

Blair Underwood is directing, producing, and starring in the indie thriller, Viral, from Your films.

Joe McClean wrote the film which is about a man dealing with his wife’s disappearance. Underwood and McClean are producing alongside Daniel Cypress and York Films’ John Kalafatis, Joanna Kalafatis, and Andreas Ignatiou.

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Underwood stars as Andrew, who falls into paranoia after his wife goes missing. The only way out of the self-destructive cycle seems to be through his new girlfriend Emilia, but she has her own psychological trauma to deal with. Are they strong enough to get past their own nightmares and mental illnesses to find true happiness together?

“Every once in a while, a script comes along that is a rare gem,” Underwood said. “The characters are undeniably rich, flawed and fascinating,” Underwood said. “This page-turner kept me engaged from its first few lines. I’m excited and humbled to bring this murder mystery mixed with a psychological thriller wrapped in a love story, to the screen.”

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Added McClean, who wrote and directed Life Tracker: “It’s an amazing day to be a writer when Blair Underwood says he’s been studying your script and he wants to sit down and delve into all the nuances that you only ever hoped someone would notice. The characters in Viral are all of us. I’ve never met a person that doesn’t understand the feeling of being stuck in one of life’s vicious cycles. We’re all desperately searching for a way to break through.”

Production now will begin this summer in New York.

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