Check out the Full Cast of Harlem’s Kitchen — ABC’s Family Restaurant Drama Pilot



Check out the full cast of Harlem’s Kitchen, the ABC’s family restaurant drama pilot from Zahir McGhee, Mandeville Television and ABC Studios.

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Written by McGhee and to be directed by Stephen Williams, Harlem’s Kitchen is set in a fine dining restaurant in Harlem and centers on Ellis Rice, Executive Chef and patriarch, who runs a successful restaurant with his wife CC and three daughters. But an unexpected death thrusts the family into turmoil and puts the restaurant’s future in jeopardy as long-buried secrets are revealed.

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The cast includes Delroy Lindo and Sheryl Lee Ralph as the matriarch and patriarch of the family. It also includes Clare-Hope Ashitey, Adrianna Mitchell and Pepi Sonuga as Lindo’s character’s three daughters. Miguel Gomez has also been added to the cast.

Check out the full cast of Harlem’s Kitchen and their character descriptions below.

delroy lindo

In “Harlem’s Kitchen,” Lindo will play Ellis Rice, a renowned African American chef who adds his infinite swag to fine dining at his iconic Harlem restaurant, Rice. Ellis’s kitchen is Harlem’s Kitchen, and everyone who walks through those doors is family — as long as they play by Ellis’s rules. A native of Alabama, Ellis landed in Harlem with nothing and worked his way up through some of the toughest and most grueling kitchens in New York City. Through the tough times, Ellis has always had his wife CC by his side. A true family man, Ellis is a devoted father to his three daughters — Zadie, Nina, and Eden. But he knows only one of them has what it takes to fill his shoes, and carry on his legacy.⠀


sheryl lee ralph

Ralph’s Cecilia CC Rice is the Rice family matriarch. Devoted wife of Ellis. Caring mother of their three daughters, and a world-class pastry chef. CC is a strong, traditional black woman who is secretly the driving force behind her husband’s success. CC has patience in spades, and always puts the needs of her family ahead of her own. It’s time for that to change.⁠

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Ashitey’s Zadie is perfect. She has the perfect life, perfect little baby, and perfect husband. Ivy League educated, Zadie could work anywhere she wants, but her perpetual sense of responsibility brought her back to RICE as the front-of-house manager. The eldest daughter of Ellis and CC, Zadie never wants to disappoint her parents. But all of the pressure has lead Zadie into a third-life crisis that could jeopardize everything she has achieved — it also might work to set her free.

Mitchell will portray Eden, the middle child with one simple dream: to be the first African American chef to earn a Michelin star. Eden’s work ethic as sous chef at RICE is unmatched, but her talent is slightly outpaced by her ambition. Engaged to the adoring, spiritual force and wunderkind master sommelier, Golda, Eden wants her father’s spot at RICE and is willing to cross any line to get what she wants.


Sonuga is Nina, the youngest and most mercurial Rice daughter. She’s stubborn, volatile and brilliant. Nina’s bond with her father, Ellis, is magnetic, but Nina always has steered clear of the family business — despite her natural talent in the kitchen. Instead, she found purpose and family in the Harlem streets. When we meet her, she’s fresh off of a three- year stint in prison. Now that she’s out, Nina finds herself at a crossroads that will make or break her.

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miguel gomez
Gomez is Marco, a talented line cook and an undocumented El Salvadorian who trekked to America with his little brother. Like his mentor and surrogate father, Ellis, Marco had nothing when he landed in Harlem. Ellis took Marco in and made him employee number one at RICE. Marco repaid Ellis with hard work, quickly rising from dishwasher through the ranks of the kitchen. Marco is a surrogate member of the Rice family and the embodiment of the American Dream. Passionate, sensitive and sexy — Marco is easy to love and quick to fall in love.⁠

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