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idris elba 9 Notable Black Actors in Sci-Fi Movies

9 Notable Black Actors in Sci-Fi Movies

Science fiction has become a cornerstone in the film industry, offering narratives that explore science, technology, human nature, and social structures against futuristic or fantastical backdrops. This genre, promising viewers an expansive journey “where no man has gone before,” has played a pivotal role in shaping cinematic experiences. READ: 30 Most Anticipated Movies Releasing in […]

BLEX’s End of the Year Favorites: 20 Best Movies Released in 2023

At BLEX, our movie favorites aren’t just films; they’re transformative experiences that inspire, bring laughter, and reshape how we view the world. Dive into the best movies of 2023 with this eclectic collection, where “American Fiction” tickles your intellect with its thought-provoking comedy, while “Rye Lane” charms as a delightful rom-com. READ: BLEX’s End of […]

movies denzel washington directed

4 Movies Denzel Washington Directed

Denzel Washington, a Hollywood icon, isn’t just a stellar actor but also a director with a knack for impactful storytelling. These projects Denzel Washington directed takes you through a range of compelling stories. In “Antwone Fisher,” he delves into the human psyche, delivering a moving tale of self-discovery. “The Great Debaters” tackles historical moments, showcasing […]