Whoopi Goldberg to Release First Superhero Comic Book The Change

Whoopi Goldberg is venturing into new territory with a graphic novel, The Change, for Dark Horse Comics. The Change is a superhero story centered around a woman who breaks the mold of comic book heroes. Co-written by Goldberg and Jaime Paglia, the book features illustrations by Sunkanmi Akinboye, colors by Alexandria Batchelor, and lettering by Frank Cvetkovic. The cover art is provided by artist Khary Randolph.

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The story revolves around Isabel Frost, a wife, mother, and grandmother who is feeling stuck in her life. However, as she undergoes menopause, Isabel discovers that she has developed powerful abilities. With the support of her best friend and her comic book-loving grandson, Isabel decides to embrace her new direction in life and become a superhero called The Change.

Goldberg’s foray into the world of comic books is a significant one, and The Change breaks new ground in the superhero genre. While most superhero stories feature younger, physically fit characters, The Change centers around a woman going through menopause, a daring and unconventional choice. The book offers a fresh take on superhero storytelling and opens up new possibilities for representation in the genre.

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The Change is a welcome addition to the growing number of superhero stories that explore the experiences of people who have been marginalized or ignored in the past. It is an opportunity to showcase that anyone can be a hero, regardless of age or circumstance. Readers can expect to see The Change hit the shelves on November 28th, and it is sure to be a game-changer for the superhero landscape.

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