Kevin Hart & BET are Bringing Back ‘Comic View’ After 9-Year Hiatus

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Kevin Hart and his company, Hartbeat in partnership with BET are reviving “Comic View” after a nine-year hiatus. The comeback of “Comic View” will be celebrated during Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat Weekend, a four-day weekend event in Las Vegas (happening now and ending July 9th) that coincides with Kevin Hart’s 44th birthday.

Hosted by Mike Epps, the new episodes of “Comic View” will be recorded in front of a live audience throughout the four-day event. The lineup includes performances by comedians such as Tommy Davidson, Tacarra Williams, Tony T. Roberts, Bresha Webb, D.C. Young Fly, and Tip “T.I.” Harris, who will make his televised stand-up comedy debut.

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Kevin Hart expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with BET, stating, “I’m thrilled to partner with BET for the return of ‘Comic View’ as part of Hartbeat Weekend, making this a can’t-miss celebration of comedy, music, and culture.” Having previously hosted “Comic View,” Hart understands the incredible platform it provides for comedians to showcase their talents on a national stage, and he is excited to continue that tradition in Las Vegas.

BET’s president and CEO, Scott Mills, also shared his excitement, saying, “We’re excited to partner again with Hartbeat to bring back our culturally iconic franchise, ‘Comic View,’ during Hartbeat Weekend. Over 30 years ago, ‘Comic View’ set the footprint for stand-up specials and launched the careers of some of today’s mega-comedy stars.” Mills added, “We can’t wait to see this new group of talented and rising comedians. We are so proud to work with this all-star production team, including Mike Epps and the impressive roster of talent that will bring you the best comedy you’ll see all year long.”

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The new “Comic View” series will be executive produced by Mike Epps and Kevin Hart, along with Tiffany Williams and Angela Aguilera from BET. Full episodes will be released at a later date on BET, and the broadcast dates for the complete “Comic View” episodes are yet to be announced.

BET’s original “Comic View” stand-up series aired on the cable network from 1992 to 2008. After a brief hiatus, the show returned with new episodes from 2012 to 2014, delighting audiences with hilarious performances from talented comedians.

Jeff Clanagan, Hartbeat’s president and chief distribution officer, expressed his excitement about curating and producing the “Comic View” series alongside BET, stating, “Developing opportunities to spotlight emerging voices in comedy and connect audiences through laughter and joy has long been part of Hartbeat’s mission, making us uniquely positioned to curate and produce this series alongside BET and usher in an exciting new era for this beloved comedic institution.” Clanagan further expressed his delight at having Kevin Hart and Mike Epps as executive producers, spearheading a new era for this iconic franchise.

Comic View The series first premiered in 1992 and quickly became a popular platform for showcasing African American comedic talent. “Comic View” provided a national stage for both established and up-and-coming comedians to perform their acts and gain exposure. The show featured a mix of stand-up performances, skits, and comedic commentary on various topics, often touching on social and cultural issues.

During its initial run from 1992 to 2008, “Comic View” played a significant role in launching the careers of many well-known comedians. It served as a launchpad for individuals such as Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac, and Steve Harvey, who went on to achieve great success in the comedy industry.

After a brief hiatus, “Comic View” returned with new episodes from 2012 to 2014. The revival maintained the show’s tradition of showcasing a diverse range of comedic talents, providing a platform for emerging comedians to display their skills and connect with a broader audience.

The series has been praised for its contribution to the comedy landscape, particularly within the African American community. “Comic View” set a footprint for stand-up specials, paving the way for future comedy shows and specials that highlighted diverse voices and perspectives.

With its relaunch in partnership with Hartbeat, the return of “Comic View” promises to continue its legacy of promoting and nurturing comedic talent. The revival will offer a fresh platform for comedians to captivate audiences, share their unique perspectives, and contribute to the ever-evolving world of stand-up comedy.



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