Daniel Kaluuya, Kibwe Tavares, Kane Robinson Teaming Up for Netflix UK Dystopian Thriller The Kitchen


Daniel Kaluuya is making his screenwriting debut with the UK futuristic film The Kitchen for Netflix. The project will star Top Boy’s Kane Robinson alongside newcomer Jedaiah Bannerman. And it will be directed by Kibwe Tavares in his directorial debut.

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Set in London in 2044, The Kitchen paints a bleak futuristic world in which the gap between rich and poor has been stretched to its limits. With all forms of social housing having been eradicated, London’s working classes have been forced to live in temporary accommodation on the outskirts of the city. The Kitchen, however, is the first and the largest of its kind: London’s last village harbouring residents that refuse to move on and move out of the place they call home. The story revolves around local residents Izi (Robinson), who is desperately trying to find a way out, and 12-year-old Benji (Bannerman), who has lost his mother and is searching for a family, as they battle to survive in a system that is stacked against them.

The project which has been in development since 2016 through the Sundance Screenwriting and Directing Lab.

“This one has been 8 years in the making with director @kibwetavares and producer Dan Emmerson, Kaluuya said in an Instagram post. “[It] started from a conversation in a barbershop when I found out kids were doing million pound heists in a minute for £200 to a dystopian London in the future.

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The pic will be produced by Daniel Emmerson for DMC Film, with Kaluuya for his 59% Productions banner. The screenplay was co-written by Joe Murtagh. . Theo Barrowclough will serve as a co-producer, while Conor McCaughan and Michael Fassbender will serve as executive producers for DMC.

Production for The Kitchen just started and it is shooting in London and Paris and will be relased globally on Netflix in 2023.

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