Danielle Deadwyler Takes Lead in Post-Apocalyptic Thriller “40 Acres”

Danielle-Deadwyler 40 acres

Principal photography has begun for the post-apocalyptic thriller “40 Acres,” with Danielle Deadwyler as lead.

Set against the backdrop of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, “40 Acres” also stars Kataem O’Connor, Michael Greyeyes, Milcania Diaz-Rojas, and Leenah Robinson.

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Described as a gripping “post-apocalyptic thriller,” the film’s synopsis unfolds a compelling narrative. It delves into the lives of Hailey Freeman and her family, the last descendants of African American farmers who settled in rural Canada in 1875 after the first Civil War. Two centuries later, they find themselves grappling with the harsh realities of a famine-stricken future as they stand united against a band of cannibals determined to seize their home.

“40 Acres” is directed by R.T. Thorne and boasts a team of talented creatives, including director of photography Jeremy Benning, production designer Peter Cosco, costume designer Charlene Akuamoah, and editors Sandy Pereira and Dev Singh. The distribution rights for “40 Acres” within Canada will be managed by Mongrel Media.

The production of “40 Acres” is conducted under the SAG-AFTRA interim independent film agreement and benefits from the support of various organizations including Telefilm, CMF – PPRC, NOHFC, Crave, Ontario Creates, and CBC. The film’s production is helmed by Jennifer Holness of Hungry Eyes Media, renowned for her work on “Home Again.”

Beyond its thrilling facade, “40 Acres” also delves into deeper themes. According to Thorne, it’s a story about Hailey, an ex-military matriarch striving to prepare her children for a harsh world, and the clash of philosophies between her and her eldest son, Emmanuel.

Producer Jennifer Holness expressed her unwavering commitment to the project, stating, “Over the past four years of developing, financing, and now producing ’40 Acres,’ I have never lost sight of what an incredible story and script it is. Steeped in Black cultural mythology, exploring a near-future reality we can all imagine, and with Danielle Deadwyler as our badass matriarch, leading this great cast, including Michael Greyeyes, is everything I hoped for. I’m pulling out all the stops to help R.T. deliver a film that will blow all of your minds.”



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