First Glimpse of Cast — Colman Domingo, Nia Long, and More — in Michael Jackson Biopic

michael jackson biopic first glimpse

The Michael Jackson biopic, Michael, directed by Antoine Fuqua, is well underway, offering fans a sneak peek into the transformative portrayals of key characters. Colman Domingo and Nia Long, set to play Michael Jackson’s parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, made their on-set appearance in full costume and makeup in Los Angeles.

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The images showcase the resemblance of Colman and Nia to the Jackson family matriarchs. The attention to detail extends to the child actors, with Juliano Valdi portraying a young Michael Jackson, complete with the iconic afro and a blue robe. Other young actors were seen on set in costume as the young Jackson 5, however announcements of who is who has yet to be revealed. According to Twitter, two additional cast members have been said to be Nathaniel McIntyre and Jayden Harville.

Director Antoine Fuqua aims to present an authentic and riveting portrayal of the complex life of the King of Pop, capturing both triumphs and tragedies on an epic scale. The film has received the blessing of Michael’s estate, ensuring an official representation of his story.

The cast includes Michael’s real-life nephew, Jaafar Jackson, embodying the role of the King of Pop as well as Miles Teller as John Branca. The biopic, titled “Michael,” scripted by three-time Oscar nominee John Logan, promises to delve into the multifaceted life of the King of Pop.

A press release on the film states: “Michael will bring audiences a riveting and honest portrayal of the brilliant yet complicated man who became known worldwide as the King of Pop. The film presents his triumphs and tragedies on an epic, cinematic scale — from his human side and personal struggles to his undeniable creative genius, captured by his most iconic performances. As never before, audiences will experience an inside look into one of the most influential, trailblazing artists the world has ever known.”

Colman Domingo expressed his excitement about portraying Joe Jackson, acknowledging Jaafar’s incredible transformation, stating, “There is something divine about the way that Jaafar is channeling his late uncle. His talent and embodiment of Michael’s essence is simply on another level.”

Nia Long, playing Katherine Jackson, is lauded by director Antoine Fuqua for her iconic performances throughout her career. Fuqua expressed enthusiasm about working alongside Long, describing her portrayal of Katherine Jackson as the glue, rock, and heart of the Jackson family during both its best and most turbulent times.

Scheduled for release on April 18, 2025, with Lionsgate handling domestic distribution and Universal Pictures International overseeing international territories (excluding Japan), “Michael” is poised to offer an intimate and comprehensive look into the life of one of the greatest entertainers in history. As the production unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate more glimpses into the film that promises to be an authentic tribute to Michael Jackson’s enduring legacy.

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