Forest Whitaker Joins Cast of MGM+ Thriller ‘Emperor of Ocean Park’

emperor of ocean park

Forest Whitaker has joined the cast of the MGM+ suspense thriller “Emperor of Ocean Park,” adapted from Stephen L. Carter’s best-selling novel.The narrative, crafted by John Wells and Sherman Payne, unfolds in the realms of politics, Ivy League academia, and the scenic beaches of Martha’s Vineyard.

Grantham Coleman, Tiffany Mack, and Paulina Lule round out the cast.

The story follows Talcott Garland (Coleman), an Ivy League law professor whose serene existence is disrupted by the sudden death of his father, Judge Oliver Garland, portrayed by Forest Whitaker. The judge’s demise raises suspicions, particularly for Tal’s sister Mariah (Mack), a former journalist and conspiracy theorist who believes foul play was involved. Judge Oliver Garland, a formidable figure in national politics and the judicial system, is described as stern, intelligent, calculating, and proud.

“I’m incredibly excited for the legendary Forest Whitaker to join Emperor of Ocean Park,” expressed Sherman Payne. “Portraying the patriarch of our onscreen family, Forest brings thoughtfulness, leadership, and unimpeachable talent to an already incredible cast.”

Forest Whitaker, no stranger to commanding roles, expressed his excitement about playing Judge Oliver Garland. He thanked John Wells, Sherman Payne, and Michael Wright for the opportunity to contribute to bringing Stephen L. Carter’s extraordinary novel to life.

Michael Wright, head of MGM+, commended Whitaker for bringing his “unique gravitas and grace” to the role, emphasizing the actor’s impact on the upcoming MGM+ Original Series.

“Emperor of Ocean Park” is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Television and John Wells Productions. Sherman Payne serves as the showrunner and has written the first episode, to be directed by Damian Marcano. The series is set to explore intricate layers of family dynamics, politics, and the pursuit of truth, promising a gripping narrative with Forest Whitaker at the helm.

This latest addition to Forest Whitaker’s repertoire follows his role in the MGM+ series “Godfather of Harlem.”

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