BET+ Orders New Orleans Spinoff of “The Family Business” Led By Brandon T. Jackson


BET+ has greenlit a spinoff of Carl Weber’s “The Family Business,” with the setting shifting to New Orleans. The eight-episode series, set to begin production in March, stars Brandon T. Jackson, who will also serve as an associate producer.

“The Family Business,” based on Weber’s crime drama book series, follows the Duncan family led by L.C. Duncan (Ernie Hudson), who runs a legitimate car dealership in New York by day and engages in illicit activities by night.

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In the spinoff, the New Orleans branch of the Duncan family faces a turf war involving corrupt politicians, land developers, and crime bosses vying for control of their underground casino and nightclub business. They seek help from their New York relatives to handle the situation.

Brandon T. Jackson plays Marquis, son of Big Shirley Duncan, the owner of the Midnight Blues club in New Orleans. As the family confronts a power struggle with dangerous adversaries, Marquis is sent to New York to seek assistance from his uncle, crime boss L.C. Duncan. L.C. enlists the help of Bounty Hunter Curts Duncan and his niece, Lauryn Duncan, to secure the family business.

Jackson is the only confirmed actor for the spinoff, with other castings in progress. Ernie Hudson will not appear in the offshoot.

Executive producers include Carl Weber, ND Brown, and Trey Haley from Tri Destined Studios.

Brandon T. Jackson, known for roles in the Percy Jackson franchise and TV series like “Mr. Robinson,” will also be seen in the upcoming indie feature “I’m Beginning To See The Light.” He is represented by Buchwald and Zero Gravity.

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