Welcome to Nostalgia as the First ‘Good Burger’ 2 Teaser is Out [TRAILER]

good burger 2 teaser

The highly anticipated teaser trailer for “Good Burger 2” has been released, bringing back the iconic duo of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The teaser captures their classic dynamic as they ride the burger mobile once again, reprising their roles after 25 years since the original film’s release on Paramount+. In the teaser, Dexter (played by Thompson) experiences a comical mishap when he’s accidentally hit by Ed (played by Mitchell) driving the burger mobile. Their banter kicks off the teaser, setting the tone for their new adventures.

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Amidst the nostalgia, the teaser showcases that Ed’s quirky personality remains intact. In a scene at the restaurant, Ed’s unique response to being offered water highlights his distinct character.

The teaser also pays homage to the iconic catchphrase, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger, can we take your order?” This instantly stirs up feelings of nostalgia and excitement among fans. Watch the teaser below.

“Good Burger 2” was announced earlier this year, building on characters originated by Thompson and Mitchell from the Nickelodeon sketch show “All That.” The sequel follows Dexter Reed and Ed, the original cashier, as they reunite in the present day at Good Burger, now with a fresh set of employees.

Dexter’s setbacks due to a failed invention form the central conflict of the sequel. Ed’s warm welcome and the return of familiar faces like Fizz, Connie, and Roxanne help shape the story. With the introduction of new cast members like Lil Rel Howery, Alex R. Hibbert, Jillian Bell, and others, the sequel adds both a nostalgic touch and fresh energy to the narrative.

As the story unfolds, Dexter’s quest to regain his footing puts Good Burger’s fate on the line once more. The film is set to premiere this fall on Paramount+. The original “Good Burger,” released in 1997, directed by Brian Robbins, achieved cult status and continues to be celebrated by fans.

With Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as producers and Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert returning as writers, “Good Burger 2” promises to capture the essence of the original while introducing new twists and characters. The blend of familiar faces and newcomers, coupled with the creative team’s involvement, suggests an exciting continuation of the Good Burger legacy.



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