Marshawn Lynch Goes on Comedic Solidarity Rant in Upcoming Comedy “Bottoms” [VIDEO]

marshawn lynch bottoms

“I trusted you and y’all exploited my solidarity. I played the role of an amazing ally. Is this about the time I said Amelia Earhart is a fake hero?” – Mr. G

In a new preview of the upcoming R-rated comedy “Bottoms,” MGM has unveiled a hilarious clip that showcases former NFL star Marshawn Lynch’s comedic talents. The film, directed by Emma Seligman, features a star-studded cast including Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri, and promises to deliver a refreshing take on the teen comedy genre.

In the recently released clip, Marshawn Lynch takes on the role of Mr. G, an oblivious teacher overseeing an after-school fight club run by PJ (Sennott) and Josie (Edebiri). He confronts the girls about their fight club antics, accusing them of exploiting his “solidarity.” The scene takes an unexpected turn as Mr. G launches into a hilarious rant, touching on topics ranging from Amelia Earhart to his wild theories about women.

Lynch’s transition from the football field to the big screen is a testament to his versatility as an entertainer. His portrayal of the “king of female solidarity” in “Bottoms” has already generated significant buzz and anticipation for the film’s release.

“Bottoms,” described as a refreshingly unique raunchy comedy, follows the story of PJ and Josie, two girls who devise an unconventional plan to lose their virginities to cheerleaders by starting a fight club. The unexpected success of their plan leads to a chain of events where even the most popular girls in school join in, engaging in fights under the guise of self-defense. As the film’s synopsis suggests, PJ and Josie soon find themselves in over their heads, desperately seeking an exit strategy to prevent their scheme from being exposed.

Kaia Gerber, Nicholas Galitzine, Havana Rose Liu, Ruby Cruz, and Dagmara Domińczyk also star in the comedy

“Bottoms,” written by Rachel Sennott in collaboration with Emma Seligman, promises a delightful blend of comedy and coming-of-age themes. After making a memorable debut at South by Southwest, the film is poised for a limited theatrical release on August 25, with plans to expand its reach to additional cities on September 1.

Ahead of its release check out Marshawn’s Lynch’s comedic rant below.

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