Halle Berry Gives Update on Thriller Opposite Angelina Jolie ‘Maude v Maude’ and Next Directing Project


Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry, recently featured at the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, shared with Variety updates on her upcoming projects. In a career-spanning conversation, Berry revealed that her flight to Saudi Arabia served as the catalyst for her next directorial venture: “It’s a love story at its core but it deals with the supernatural, time travel, and the future.”

Reflecting on her first directing experience, Berry candidly described the challenges she faced as a Black woman in the industry, labeling the entire process of making her debut film “Bruised” as “hell.” She stated, “Because I was a woman, and a Black woman, the treatment I received and the things I had to put up with were unconscionable. If I were a white man or even a Black man, it would have been easier. It’s amazing I even made it and a miracle Netflix bought it.”

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Currently, Berry is immersed in preparations for “Maude v Maude,” a collaborative effort with Angelina Jolie. Describing the film as a blend of “Mr & Mrs Smith” and “Mission: Impossible” with a comedic twist, Berry acknowledged the rocky start to her partnership with Jolie but highlighted the potential for their on-screen chemistry: “We had a rocky start and I think that is going to serve us well in our screen time together.”

The two Oscar-winning actresses found common ground in their shared experiences, bonding over discussions about divorces and exes. Berry shared, “We’ve been talking a lot about divorces and exes. We bonded, let’s say that.”

As they gear up for the action-thriller film, “Maude v Maude,” Berry revealed plans to venture globally, with Warner Bros. backing the project. The film, likened to a “Bond vs. Bourne” type of global action thriller, promises to showcase locations never before seen on screen. Berry’s visit to Jeddah included scouting for potential filming locations, underscoring the movie’s commitment to exploring diverse settings. She stated, “We plan on going all around the world. Warner Bros. bought our screenplay and, for us, it is about going places that have never been shown on screen before.”

Throughout the conversation, Berry addressed the persistent challenges faced by Black women in the industry, citing the 21-year gap since her historic Oscar win for “Monster’s Ball”: “It’s been 21 years now and no one else like me has walked through that door. That is a great sadness because I felt that night meant something.”

In a separate reflection on her directorial debut, “Bruised,” Berry disclosed the struggles she encountered due to her gender and race: “Because I was a woman, and a Black woman, the treatment I received and the things I had to put up with were unconscionable.”

With anticipation building for “Maude v Maude,” Berry engaged with fans on social media, expressing her excitement for the project and appreciating the enthusiasm from followers: “Someone just tweeted a ‘mother off’ and I’m laughing so hard right now. Glad you guys are just as excited about this project as I am.”

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