Justin Simien Teams Up Christopher Yost and Tommy Oliver to Adapt Vault Comics’ ‘Heist: Or How to Steal a Planet’

Justin Simien, Tommy Oliver Team Up to Adapt Vault Comics' 'Heist: Or How to Steal a Planet'
Justin Simien and Tommy Oliver

Justin Simien (Director of “Dear White People” and “Haunted Mansion”), is embarking on a new project with writer Christopher Yost and Tommy Oliver’s Confluential Films. Simien is set to adapt the science fiction crime thriller “Heist: Or How to Steal a Planet” from Vault Comics.

In this collaboration, Simien takes the directorial helm while Yost, known for his work on “Thor: Ragnarok” and “The Mandalorian,” crafts the script. The project is backed by producers Tommy Oliver and Wayne Horton, with support from Confluential, who was brought the project by Horton.

“Created by writer Paul Tobin and artist Arjuna Susini, the comic revolves around conman Glane Breld, who conned billions when he turned over the planet Heist to the Pan-Galactic goverment. Now he’s going to steal it back. Of course he’s a fugitive, and everyone wants him dead, but Glane won’t let the little things in his way.

Welcome to planet Heist! It’s the cutthroat capital of the entire Nehring System, home to billions of the worst men and women in the galaxy. The Pan-Galactic government has no idea what to do with the planet, but conman Glane Breld and his band of thieves know exactly what to do with Heist—they’re going to steal it. It’s Ocean’s Eleven in space, brought to you by writer Paul Tobin (Colder and Bandette) and Arjuna Susini (The Replacer)—the only minds crazy enough to steal an entire world.

Simien expressed his excitement, stating, “’How To Steal Planet’ wowed me, and I’m humbled by the challenge of bringing a genre-bending dose of afro-futurism to the culture.” Similarly, Oliver praised the project’s entertainment value and the creative synergy between Simien and Yost.

Confluential’s Liliane Bedford, recently appointed as senior vice president of film & TV, will oversee the project.

This collaboration marks Simien’s foray into comic book adaptations, following his involvement in adapting Geoff Johns’ “Geiger” for Paramount. Meanwhile, Yost, having recently returned to comics with the Vault fantasy title “Unnatural Order,” continues to expand his creative repertoire.

(Originally read on Variety)

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