ABC Gives Series Order for ‘High Potential’ Starring Daniel Sunjata, Javicia Leslie, and More

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ABC has officially given a series order to “High Potential,” the upcoming drama based on the popular French detective series “HIP” (High Intellectual Potential). The upcoming series is led by Kaitlin Olson and Daniel Sunjata and stars Javicia Leslie, Judy Reyes, Deniz Akdeniz, and Amirah J.

The premise of “High Potential” revolves around Morgan, a single mother with an extraordinary mind, played by Kaitlin Olson. Morgan’s life takes an unexpected turn when she solves an unsolvable crime by rearranging evidence during her job as a police department cleaner. Her exceptional abilities in organizing and deciphering complex puzzles catch the attention of the authorities, leading to her appointment as a consultant. She teams up with the seasoned detective Karadec (Sunjata), and together they form an unstoppable and unconventional crime-solving duo.

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Leslie, known for her role as Batwoman, who takes on the character of Daphne in “High Potential.” Reyes portrays Selena Soto, Akdeniz brings his skills to the screen as Lev “Oz” Osman, while J adds depth to the series with the character of Ava.

The decision to give “High Potential” a series order ahead of the upfronts highlights ABC’s strategic approach to year-round development. The network aims to navigate the potential challenges posed by work stoppages, such as the recent writers’ strike, by making early decisions and allowing for contract extensions if necessary.

Behind the scenes, the series is helmed by creator Drew Goddard and executive producer Sarah Esberg from Goddard Textiles. Rob Thomas, renowned for his work on “Veronica Mars,” serves as showrunner and executive producer alongside Dan Etheridge of Spondoolie Productions. The production team also includes Pierre Laugier and Anthony Lancret from Itinéraire Productions, a UGC company, as well as Jean Nainchrik from Septembre Productions, a Mediawan Company. Alethea Jones assumes the roles of director and executive producer, while Olson takes on an additional role as producer. The studio responsible for the show is ABC Signature, a subsidiary of Disney Television Studios.



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