Idris Elba to Narrate and Executive Produce Nat Geo Series Highlighting Heroes of Color in WW2

Idris Elba to Narrate and Executive Produce Nat Geo Series Highlighting Heroes of Color in WW2

Idris Elba is set to narrate and executive produce a new National Geographic series, tentatively titled “The Color of Victory: Heroes of WW2.” This series, produced by October Films and Elba’s Green Door Pictures, will focus on the untold stories of people of color who played pivotal roles during World War Two.

Each episode of the series will shine a spotlight on three unsung heroes through dramatization, character portraits, and archive footage. Elba, whose own grandfather served in WW2, will explore the contributions of people of color in key events like Dunkirk, Pearl Harbor, and D-Day. The series aims to reveal how these war experiences directly influenced post-war movements for freedom worldwide.

Nat Geo’s Tom McDonald, who has also unveiled other projects, expressed the motivation behind this unique series. He noted that while reviewing WW2 photos, it became evident that the stories of people of color were conspicuously absent. This realization prompted the development of a fresh and original approach to the familiar subject of WW2 history.

“The Color of Victory” promises to offer a new perspective on this historical period, much like Nat Geo’s Emmy-winning series, “9/11: One Day in America.”

In addition to this series, Tom McDonald is exploring new horizons with “Inside the FBI.” This show will delve into the FBI’s workings during the 1970s, focusing on cases including Watergate and internal corruption. It offers a unique perspective from FBI agents themselves, shedding light on well-known cases from the 1970s.

As part of their commitment to tell important stories, Nat Geo is also commissioning “Waking the Dead,” which follows the DNA Doe Project’s work in identifying John and Jane Does across the United States. Each episode will take viewers through the process of extracting DNA and the meticulous genetic investigations that lead to the discovery of a person’s identity and their story.

Tom McDonald emphasized that Nat Geo aspires to be a trusted source for recording history and stories that will hold value for generations. While their lineup diversifies, their commitment to maintaining the brand’s reputation remains unwavering.

This move represents a broader approach, as McDonald adapts to the evolving media landscape while making judicious decisions regarding content and budget allocation. Despite the financial challenges of the industry, Nat Geo remains in a robust position to continue delivering impactful content.

While their focus expands, Nat Geo remains dedicated to its core genres, including natural history, travel, and adventure, and is open to first-look deals with notable personalities in the industry.

As Nat Geo ventures into this exciting new slate of content, it seeks to preserve history, offer fresh perspectives, and maintain its legacy as a trusted platform for storytelling.

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