[INTERVIEW] Chester ‘Tre’ Rogers Talks Balancing The NFL and Acting on ‘BMF,’ Why Tyler Perry Changed His Life

[INTERVIEW] Chester 'Tre' Rogers Talks Balancing His NFL Career and Acting on 'BMF,' Why He's Grateful for Tyler Perry and More

Chester “Tre” Rogers is a man of many talents. The 29-year-old wide receiver has been juggling his successful NFL career with his passion for acting, including his recurring role in the hit Starz show “BMF.”

Rogers has been interested in acting since he was just 10 years old and has starred in several movie projects, including “Constellation,” “Dirty,” and Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Family Reunion.” After starring as a child actor, the Alabama native decided to return to his normal childhood and pursued a career in football.

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That was until last year when the NFLer combined his love for the game with his love for the arts and landed a part in the second season of “BMF.” He plays Sterling “Sterl” Black, the head of the PAs, a local Detroit gang, and an ally to BMF. Rogers made his debut in the third episode, “Devil’s Night,” and viewers can expect to see more of his character, starting with tonight’s (Feb 17) episode until the end of the season.

Rogers is also grateful for the opportunities he has had in the entertainment industry, particularly his experience working with Tyler Perry, Cuba Gooding Jr. and most recently with Russell Hornsby.

Chatting with Rogers was eye-opening on what it have unshakeable faith on your dreams and betting on yourself, no matter the challenges. He’s a rare talent who has managed to excel in two different fields. He remains committed to both his football career and his passion for acting, and he is determined to succeed in both. Fans of “BMF” can look forward to seeing more of his character in this season and next. And as you fall in love with his loyal character Sterling, check out his Blex interview.

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