‘John Tucker Must Die’ Sequel in The Works With Original Cast Returning


A ‘John Tucker Must Die’ sequel is in the works with original cast, as confirmed by cast members during a recent panel at Epic Cons Chicago. Stars Jesse Metcalfe, Sophia Bush, and Arielle Kebbel shared the exciting news with fans, revealing that a script for the sequel has already been written.

“Apparently, there’s a script. Apparently, it’s amazing,” said Metcalfe, who portrayed the titular character in the original film. Although he hasn’t had the chance to read it yet, he expressed his eagerness to be involved in the sequel, stating, “I’d definitely love to be a part of it, and I can’t wait to read it.”

Kebbel, who not only starred in the original film but is also involved in producing the sequel, shared more details, stating, “There is a script. We are very proud of it. It does involve all of the OG cast.” She hinted at potential character developments, suggesting that Metcalfe’s character might have a chance to change in the upcoming film, saying, “Jesse may or may not get a chance to change, which would be very exciting.”

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During the panel discussion, Metcalfe humorously inquired whether his character would have the opportunity to wear a thong again, referencing a memorable scene from the first film. Kebbel playfully responded, indicating that there could be potential for Metcalfe’s character to explore new ventures in the sequel, stating, “We were thinking you’d actually, like, make your own brand, endorse it. It’d be a whole thing.”

Sophia Bush, another original cast member, expressed her readiness to return to the role for the sequel, echoing the excitement of her fellow co-stars, simply stating, “Ready. To. Go.”

“John Tucker Must Die,” directed by Betty Thomas, originally hit theaters in July 2006, grossing $68.8 million worldwide. The film follows a group of teenage girls who seek revenge on a high school heartbreaker, played by Metcalfe, after discovering his deceitful dating antics.

While further details about the sequel are currently under wraps, fans can anticipate the return of the beloved characters and the continuation of the entertaining storyline from the original film.

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