Aml Ameen in Talks to Direct and Star in ‘Boxing Day’ Sequel

Aml Ameen in Talks to Direct and Star in "Boxing Day Sequel

Aml Ameen, most recently known for his portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King in “Rustin,” may be stepping back into the director’s chair for the sequel to the holiday romance “Boxing Day.” The actor recently disclosed to Breaking Baz for Deadline that he’s in discussions with Film4 and the BFI to helm and star in the follow-up to his feature directorial debut. Additionally, Ameen unveiled plans for another project, a crime saga titled “Night and Day,” which he aims to bring to fruition soon.

Currently stationed in London for an undisclosed film role, Ameen is keeping mum about the specifics, citing the transformative nature of the character he’ll be portraying. Amidst his commitments, he’s set to appear as a lawyer alongside Jeff Daniels in the upcoming Netflix drama series “A Man in Full,” based on Tom Wolfe’s novel.

Reflecting on his experience with “Boxing Day,” Ameen expressed unbridled enthusiasm for revisiting the characters he and his writing partner, Bruce Purnell, crafted for the original film. Recalling the joy of production, he reminisced about the sense of cultural representation and familial connection imbued in the project.

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Ameen’s vision for the sequel includes a desire to reunite the original cast and production team, aiming to recreate the familial atmosphere that defined the first installment. Notable figures like Aja Naomi King and Leigh-Anne Pinnock are expected to return, with casting contingent on scheduling logistics.

The sequel’s narrative is poised to expand across three distinct locales: London, Atlanta, and Ghana, promising a broader canvas for the characters’ adventures. Ameen teased the introduction of “a few American comedy legends” to join the ensemble, adding layers to the comedic dynamics of the film.

“Boxing Day” found resonance among audiences, particularly within the Caribbean and African diaspora in the U.S., earning it a cult following akin to “Love Actually.” Ameen acknowledges the clamor for a sequel and aims to deliver on those expectations with the upcoming project.

While “Boxing Day 2” promises to deliver on the lighthearted romance of its predecessor, Ameen’s parallel endeavor, “Night and Day,” presents a stark departure with its ambitious narrative spanning different eras and locations. With plans to shoot in Grenada, New York, and Morocco, the crime thriller underscores Ameen’s versatility as both a filmmaker and storyteller.

As Ameen navigates his multifaceted career, from acting to directing, his journey reflects a deep-seated passion for storytelling and cultural representation. With “Boxing Day 2” on the horizon and “Night and Day” in the pipeline, audiences can anticipate an exciting chapter in Aml Ameen’s cinematic odyssey.

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