Kid Cudi, Joel Kinnaman Star in Dialogue-Free Action Thriller Silent Night [TRAILER]

kid cudi silent night
(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Lionsgate recently unveiled the trailer for “Silent Night,” a film directed by John Woo and written by Robert Archer Lynn. The movie stars Joel Kinnaman, Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Harold Torres in a unique cinematic experience with its almost complete absence of dialogue.

The storyline of “Silent Night” revolves around a grief-stricken father, portrayed by Joel Kinnaman, who witnesses the tragic death of his son during a gang-related incident on Christmas Eve. This traumatic event leaves him voiceless, but it also fuels his determination to seek revenge. To achieve this, he embarks on an intense training regimen, setting the stage for a thrilling tale of retribution and family drama.

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What sets “Silent Night” apart from conventional action films is its daring approach to storytelling. With minimal dialogue, the film relies heavily on visuals to convey emotions and advance the narrative. Woo explained that this unique challenge allowed him to use visuals to communicate the characters’ feelings and even incorporated long, continuous shots to enhance the storytelling.

In the absence of extensive dialogue, the film’s score plays a pivotal role. The score for “Silent Night” was composed by Academy Award nominee Marco Beltrami, known for his work on films with limited dialogue, such as “A Quiet Place,” “The Hurt Locker,” and “Logan.” Beltrami’s expertise in crafting evocative musical compositions is expected to add depth and intensity to the film.

Silent Night marks director John Woo, known for his mastery of action cinema, including classics like “The Killer” and “Face/Off,” return to American cinema after nearly two decades. The film also marks his first U.S. directing venture since 2003’s “Paycheck.”

“Silent Night” is slated to hit theaters on December 1st, just in time for the holiday season.

In a cinematic landscape dominated by dialogue-driven narratives, “Silent Night” promises a refreshing and daring take on action cinema. Watch the trailer below.



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