All-Canadian Cast Revealed for ‘Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent’

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent has announced its cast for the inaugural season, set to premiere in spring 2024. In a significant departure from previous iterations of the franchise, this Canadian version will feature entirely new characters and stories, focusing on showcasing Canadian talent and narratives.

The ensemble cast includes Aden Young as Detective Sergeant Henry Graff, Kathleen Munroe as Detective Sergeant Frankie Bateman, Karen Robinson as Inspector Vivienne Holness, K.C. Collins as Deputy Crown Attorney Theo Forrester, Nicola Correia-Damude as Forensic Pathologist Dr. Lucy Da Silva, and Araya Mengesha as tech expert Mark Yohannes.

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The show, produced by Lark Productions and Cameron Pictures for Citytv, has been in development for two years and is currently in production in Toronto for its ten-episode first season.

Holly Dale, an award-winning filmmaker with a background in “Law & Order SVU,” will direct the first episode, along with Episode 3 and the finale. Other directors for the first season include Peter Stebbings, David Wellington, Sudz Sutherland, Rachel Leiterman, Winnifred Jong, Sharon Lewis, and David Straiton.

The project has been meticulous in selecting a cast that reflects the essence of the ‘Law & Order’ franchise while focusing on Canadian stories and settings. The first season will exclusively showcase Canadian talent, both in the cast and behind the scenes.

As the series prepares for its debut in Spring 2024 on Citytv, it has already attracted international attention from buyers at MIPCOM. The creators aim to deliver the trademark “Law & Order” elements while celebrating Canadian narratives and locations.

This venture represents a significant step in the history of the ‘Law & Order’ franchise, emphasizing diversity and original storytelling, and promises a unique and compelling addition to the franchise’s legacy

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