Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Books Reveals Cover Art for Debut Book ‘Ocean’s Godori’

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Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad books announced the release date and shared the cover art of its first book to be published, “Ocean’s Godori” by Elaine U.

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This novel promises an enthralling journey through a Korean space opera, featuring action-packed space battles, a compelling romance, and an exploration of themes like colonialism, capitalism, and identity. The book cover was beautifully designed by Korean illustrator Jee-ook Choi, with art direction by Evan Gaffney.

The synopsis of “Ocean’s Godori” introduces us to Ocean Yoon, who, despite her lineage as a descendant of Jeju Island’s revered female divers, grapples with questions of cultural identity. She doesn’t fit the traditional Korean mold and is persona non grata at the Alliance, Korea’s solar system–dominating space agency. When her best friend, Teo, is falsely accused of a grave crime, Ocean and her eclectic crew are thrust into a high-stakes ideological conflict, leading to a thrilling adventure across the solar system.

“Ocean’s Godori” weaves hyperkinetic action sequences, an enticing romance, and a profound exploration of colonialism and capitalism. The novel challenges readers to ponder their past, present, and future, all while honoring the multifaceted facets of identity. For more information on Ocean’s Godori, visit Zando Projects.

hilman grad books

In addition to “Ocean’s Godori,” Hillman Grad Books will introduce three more titles:

“What I Must Tell the World” by Jay Leslie: A moving picture book biography that captures the life of Lorraine Hansberry, the activist, and acclaimed playwright known for “A Raisin in the Sun.”

“How to Tell When We Will Die” by Johanna Hedva: This timely essay collection examines systems of care and societal stigmatization and profit from illness.

“Old School Indian” by Aaron John Curtis: This narrative follows a man from the Ahkwesáhsne Nation across two timelines, as he leaves the reservation for the first time and comes of age in…

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