Mike and Kyra Epps are Buying Back The Block in New HGTV Series [TRAILER]

Mike and Kyra Epps are Buying Back The Blockin New HGTV Series [TRAILER]

Mike Epps and his wife, Kyra, are set to bring their passion for revitalizing neighborhoods to the small screen with a new HGTV series, “Buying Back the Block.” The show is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 9 and 10 a.m. (ET) and will follow the couple’s journey as they aim to restore the charm, community, and character to Mike’s childhood block in Indianapolis.

Epps, an Indianapolis native, has been on a mission to breathe new life into his hometown street. The couple has spent the last two years working on house renovations in various neighborhoods, and now they’re sharing their commitment to encouraging Black and brown individuals to own property, particularly in their hometowns, through their television series on HGTV.

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Their journey began with the transformation of an abandoned firehouse on the block into their stunning new family home. In “Buying Back the Block,” Mike and Kyra will continue to enhance the neighborhood and rebuild a sense of community through additional property renovations. Each house will receive modern amenities while retaining its original charm, creating affordable and attractive housing options for families looking to buy or rent. Mike will take a hands-on role, overseeing the projects, including the renovation of his grandmother’s house, in collaboration with his expert construction team.

The project aligns with Epps’ long-standing interest in community development. In 2020, he shared a heartfelt Instagram message alongside a before-and-after photo of the property he rehabilitated in Indiana, highlighting the importance of investing in real estate as a means to uplift communities:

“A lot of people claim a Hood a city or a block but don’t own it; this is my block in Indiana, the before and after with family and friends in the homes. They’re moving us out of our communities at a rapid pace in the inner cities. I’ve been arrested in this hood a thousand times and lost many friends to violence and drugs in this neighborhood. It was a full crack house in the ’80s and ’90s. Look at it now. God Is Good. I tell all the youngsters to invest in real estate; it will take care of you!!! #landiswealth #buyyourblockback #eastside #fallcreek #21carrollton #BUYYOURBLOCKBACK. Oh, and I’ve had this land for 25 years or better. Not bragging, just trying to inspire!”

The series not only showcases the power of community revitalization but also serves as a testament to the importance of investing in and owning property, especially for Black and brown individuals in their own neighborhoods. “Buying Back the Block” offers an opportunity to witness the positive transformation of a neighborhood and the impact of real estate investment.

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