Mike Epps Reunites with Queen Latifah in Guest Appearance on ‘The Equalizer’

mike epps the equalizer

Mike Epps is set to appear alongside Queen Latifah in an upcoming episode of “The Equalizer,” airing on March 17. Epps, known for his versatile acting, reunites with Latifah after their previous collaboration in HBO’s “Bessie.”

In the episode titled “All Bets Are Off,” Epps portrays J.J., a character recovering from a gambling addiction. His past experiences become crucial in assisting Queen Latifah’s character, McCall, to solve a case. A sneak peek reveals Epps’ character, J.J., enjoying his newfound freedom after being released from prison for the mission at hand.

The storyline follows McCall as she enlists J.J.’s help after a hostage situation unfolds in an illegal casino. Additionally, Dee, played by Laya DeLeon Hayes, discovers she’s been bullied on social media, adding another layer to the narrative.

“The Equalizer” has been renewed for Seasons 3 and 4, with CBS praising its strong cast and compelling storytelling. Don’t miss the dynamic reunion between Queen Latifah and Mike Epps on “The Equalizer,” airing Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.

Watch the trailer for the new episode below.

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