17 Best Movie Cookout Scenes of All Time

17 Best Movie Cookout Scenes of All Time

Whether you celebrate July 4th as Your Independence Day or you’re just here for the food, here are the best movie cookout scenes of all time.


Poetic Justice because we’re all “cousin”

It’s not a cookout scene but the dinner scene in Who Made The Potato Salad counts because that’s a very important task and question.

Don’t Be a Menace in South Central While Drinking Juice in the Hood shows us, you see the wildest stuff at cookouts.

Every family reunion includes a cookout, however, none may be as epic or competitive as The Johnson Family Vacation.


Some cookouts your manhood may be tested by the girl of your dreams like in Deliver Us From Eva.

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The Cookout is one event that brings everyone together.


Boyz n the Hood shows us that your community is your family. You may not all get along but it’s all love at the cookout.

The barbershop is a staple in the black community and so are cookouts hosted by places as such as in Barbershop 2: Back In Business.

Menace II Society

You can run away from yourself unless you run into family because they will bring you back Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

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Gone In 60 Seconds had the dopest BBQ scene as they grilled in the hood of a ’72 El Camino.

Once you get an invite to the Toretto family barbecue, you are family in Fast & Furious franchise.

The Brothers

Sometimes cookouts can be well…awkward and winning over the mother of your boyfriend can be impossible like in The Waterboy



The Inkwell

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