16 Movies to Get You in the Easter Spirit

movies to get you in the easter spirit
It’s Easter weekend and I think we’re unanimous in saying that this year is drastically different from every year. Thanks to the coronavirus. But don’t let that one thing stop your Easter spirit. Because you may not be able to physically go to church. You may be quarantined away from your family. But you can watch all these movies to get you in the Easter spirit.

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And yes some of these movies aren’t your typical Easter movies, but this isn’t your typical Easter weekend. So check out the movies to get you in the Easter Spirit this year below and see where you can stream it based on your subscription(s).

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

This movie is full of ups and many downs from pain to helplessness to revenge. But it also is full of laughter, family, redemption, love, food, and forgiveness. The story line is something that embodies something we can all relate to and learn from. That is why it is perfect for Easter Sunday. If not that, the church scene at the end, definitely.

Stream: BET+, Sling

The Gospel

What a better time to watch a movie that focuses on ones journey of returning back to the church, than during Easter weekend.

Stream: Crackle

First Sunday

“Will a man rob God” — This film is included to remind you to make sure you pay your tithes. And get a few laughs in the process

Stream: Direct TV

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This is the ultimate family movie that highlights the importance of a good soul food meal, two qualities that are apart of Easter: family and food made with love.

Stream: Hulu, Starz

Freshman Year

We’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all lost our way, we’ve all struggled with our faith. Freshman Year touches on that. This would great movie to spark a conversation with your family of all ages about their particular faith journey.

Stream: Netflix

Sister Act: Back in the Habit

If your home is full of the non-singers in your church choir, watch this film because it vocally takes us to church so many times.

Stream: Disney+

Come Sunday

This is a great film to see the church through the eyes of a pastor who is going through a crisis of faith and the journey he takes. That’s a story that doesn’t get told often and should.

Stream: Netflix


It’s a great movie for the super young kids to be entertained while you make Easter dinner since they probably don’t have their normal friends/cousins to entertain each other this year.

Stream: Netflix

Prince of Egypt

In 2020, the story of Prince of Egypt is always important and entertaining to watch. And parts of it feel really relevant this year.

Stream: Hulu

Steel Magnolias

If you’re wondering why this film made the list, three words: Easter egg hunt. Watch the original or remake, either one is great.

Original Stream: Direct TV, Fubo TV

Remake Stream: N/A


What is the one thing we love seeing in our Easter baskets, chocolate. So what better way to get ready for your virtual Easter Sunday than with a movie all about chocolat.

Stream: Hulu, HBO Now, HBO Go

Bruce Almighty

This isn’t one of the typical movies to get you in the Easter spirit. But it does push a great message about God and religion and for that it stays.

Stream: Hulu, HBO Now, HBO Go

Fighting Temptations

Get in the choir spirit with this film that tells a great lesson about honesty, being slow to judge, and redemption.

Stream: Hulu, HBO Now, HBO Go

Kingdom Come

We know this is about a funeral but isn’t it also a reminder about being around your entire family during Easter. Regular church Sundays don’t always involve your entire family but Easter does and that’s where the crazy cousins, judgy aunts, and family drama enter.

Stream: Hulu, HBO Go, HBO Now

In Love with a Church Girl

Okay we admit this film is not the best film in the world. But who doesn’t love a good love story especially with one is heavily in church and the other is a drug dealer. Okay, maybe none of us, but if you grew up in the church you can remember the subtle or out right comments your parents made about dating someone who does not attend the House of the Lord.

Stream: Netflix

Don’t be a Menace in South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Simply because the church scene is a reminder about all the funny things that happen in church. So watch the grandma dance break to bring you back to better times.

Stream: Hulu, Starz


We just want to get this out, we know Greenleaf is not a movie but it gets included anyway because it’s that good and gets you in the Easter spirit.

Stream: Netflix

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