16 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Written By Non-Black Writers

movies written by non-black writers

Following the release of The Woman King, many were in an uproar because the film was written by a white woman, Dana Stevens. And many claimed they would not see the film based on this fact alone.

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Now while it is completely understandable to be angry that a white person is writing Black characters and telling our experiences. Especially when Hollywood isn’t in short supply of BIPOC writers. The reality is, they have written some movies that we quote on a daily and deem classics.

According to a report done by Color of Change, there are only 4.8% Black writers in Hollywood writers’ rooms out of 234 series examined and within those rooms only 17% of the rooms include one Black writer, 17% have 2 or more Black writers but 64% of those rooms have not one Black person writer in them. This is out of a total of 3877 writers.

This information is only including TV shows but the diversity and disparity is still disgustingly alarming. Let’s do something about this.

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As you mull over that, check out movies you didn’t know were written by non-Black writers. The movies include films that are written by a white writer or majority of the writers are white.


The Color Purple

Writer: Menno Meyjes (screenwriter) based on Alice Walker’s book


Writer: Joel Oliansky

Dolemite is my Name

Writer: Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski

New Jack City

Writer: Thomas Lee Wright (wrote original story and co-wrote screenplay) and Barry Michael Cooper (black writer)

Cry Freedom

Writer: John Briley

Coming to America (and sequel)

Writer: David Sheffield and Barry W. Blaustein (Kenya Barris contributed to the sequel)

The Preacher’s Wife

Writer: Nat Mauldin, Allan Scott


Writer:David Franzoni

Bad Boys (franchise)

Writer: Michael Barrie, Jim Mulholland, Doug Richardson (1), Ron Shelton, Jerry Stahl (2), Chris Bremner, Peter Craig, Joe Carnahan (3)

The Nutty Professor Franchise

Writer: David Sheffield, Barry W. Blaustein, Tom Shadyac, Steve Oedekerk


Writer: Julian Schnabel, Lech Majewski

Straight Outta Compton

Writer: Andrea Berloff, Jonathan Herman


Writer: Barry W. Blaustein and David Sheffield

American Gangster

Writer: Steven Zaillian (based on Steven Zaillian “The Return of Superfly” by Mark Jacobson)

South Central

Writer: Stephen Milburn Anderson (based on Donald Bakeer’s novel)

Hotel Rwanda

Writer: Keir Pearson and Terry George

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