Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 3 Begins Production with Surprise Return [FIRST LOOK]

Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 3 has officially started production, bringing back familiar faces and unexpected returns. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, Angus Sampson, and Yaya DaCosta are set to reprise their roles. Contrary to previous reports, Neve Campbell is confirmed to return for the upcoming season.

Netflix renewed the series for a third season on August 30th, with early plans in place before potential industry strikes. The new season, comprising 10 episodes, draws inspiration from Michael Connelly’s ‘The Gods of Guilt.’ Despite initial doubts about Neve Campbell’s return, recent production updates indicate her involvement in a relocated storyline.

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The co-showrunners, Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez, revealed a unique approach for Season 3, incorporating flashback scenes to explore Mickey Haller’s early life. These scenes, strategically placed at the beginning and end of the first episode, provide insights into the character’s personal journey.

Season 2 concluded with a compelling revelation, setting the stage for Mickey Haller’s next legal challenge involving Devon Graye’s character, Julian La Cosse. The accused murder of Gloria Dayton adds complexity to Mickey’s ongoing journey of redemption.

Future plans for the series extend up to the fourth season and beyond, with a strong lineup of executive producers, including David E. Kelley, Ross Fineman, Barry Jossen, and Tana Jamieson.

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 3 promises an engaging storyline, strong cast, and a fresh perspective on Mickey Haller’s character. As production unfolds in Los Angeles, fans can anticipate another gripping chapter in the acclaimed Netflix series.

Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ are available for streaming on Netflix, building anticipation for the upcoming Season 3 release.

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