Paapa Essiedu, Antonia Thomas Cast in Craig Roberts’ Horror Comedy ‘The Scurry’

Craig Roberts is set to take the helm of the upcoming horror comedy 'The Scurry,' starring Paapa Essiedu, Antonia Thomas and more.

Eternal Beauty director Craig Roberts is set to take the helm of the upcoming horror comedy ‘The Scurry,’ starring Paapa Essiedu, Antonia Thomas, Rhys Ifans, Olivia Cooke, and Mia McKenna-Bruce. The project, scripted by Tim Telling of “The Mash Report” fame, promises a thrilling ride as it explores a killer rodent attack in a quaint setting.

The plot revolves around two pest controllers summoned to an eco-café in a country park to tackle what seems like a routine vermin issue. However, as dusk falls, chaos ensues as a swarm of deranged squirrels launches a vicious onslaught on the café’s occupants. With casualties mounting and communication lines severed by a freak storm, the survivors must band together to fend off the relentless assault. Among them are pest controllers, a disaffected teenager, outspoken vegans, and a dubious drug dealer, all facing slim odds of making it out alive.

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Produced by Water & Power Productions, Cliff Edge Pictures, and Circus Studios, with True Brit Entertainment onboard as a co-producer and UK distributor, “The Scurry” boasts a budget exceeding £10 million ($12.7 million). Filming is slated to commence on April 2 at Dragon Studios in South Wales, marking one of the initial beneficiaries of the UK’s newly introduced Independent Film Tax Credit.

James Swarbrick, representing Water & Power, expressed excitement at collaborating once again with Roberts, praising his visual acumen and aptitude for blending humor with horror. Roberts, in turn, expressed gratitude for the opportunity, quipping, “I’m really happy that somebody has employed me again.”

Adrian Bate of Cliff Edge Pictures issued a warning to potential viewers, suggesting that after witnessing the film, outdoor activities might warrant a second thought. He teased the film’s thematic depth, hinting at a narrative where nature retaliates against human encroachment.

Zygi Kamasa of True Brit Entertainment lauded the project’s potential as a British franchise, citing Roberts’ talent and a stellar ensemble cast. Echoing this sentiment, James Scott of Circus Studios predicted a global resonance for the film, tapping into universal fears of nature’s unpredictability.

With principal photography on the horizon and anticipation building among audiences, “The Scurry” promises to deliver a chilling yet comedic cinematic experience, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

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