Omari Hardwick, Elise Neal, TJ Atoms to star in Phels High


Omari Hardwick, Elise Neal, TJ Atoms to star in Kevin J. Nelson’s directorial debut Phels High for 1804 films. It is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 23, 2023.

Nelson also penned the film which explores the disintegration of a friendship group after one of the members takes revenge on a bully, leading to a devastating outcome. Marc John Jefferies, Allen Maldonado, and Michael Hyatt also star in the feature.

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The movie revolves around four friends whose bond is shattered when one of them is relentlessly bullied and ultimately takes the life of his tormentor. The school is thrown into chaos as the boys find themselves barricaded and trying to come up with a plan. The shooter, Beef (Atoms), believes he can salvage his future by taking the life of his best friend and portraying himself as a hero, but his plan fails, resulting in the loss of an innocent life.

Hardwick is cast as play Principal Floyd, the head administrator of Phels High, and the father of Caesar Floyd, one of the trapped children. Neal will portray Sergeant Tina Lloyd, the ex-wife of Principal Floyd and the mother of Caesar Floyd.

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Producers Michael Arcell and Kevin J. Nelson are joined by Janelle Coleman and Rovelt Laforet as executive producers.

In speaking of the film, Nelson stated, “One of the most exciting aspects of this project is the coming together of true events inspired by you and your friends.” “I am excited to be involved in a movie that will move audiences everywhere”.

Check out the trailer for Phels High.

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