Prime Video Cancels ‘Riches’ After One Season

Prime Video canceled the British drama series “Riches” after only one season.

Abby Ajayi, the creator, made the announcement on her Instagram account, expressing gratitude to the cast and crew and expressing her desire to continue telling more stories for the show.

Ajayi stated in her Instagram post, “This time last year we launched. Much love to this incredible ensemble of actors and our fabulous crew. Thank you to everyone who supported. So proud we got to make this show. I still had many more stories to tell…And it was gonna be [fire].”

“Riches,” which premiered its six-episode first season in December 2022, followed the intricate dynamics of the wealthy Richards family in the aftermath of the patriarch’s sudden death. The cast featured prominent actors like Deborah Ayorinde, Hugh Quarshie, Sarah Niles, Adeyinka Akinrinade, Ola Orebiyi, Nneka Okoye, and Emmanuel Imani.

Reactions to the show’s cancellation flooded social media, with prominent figures such as Gina Yashere, creator of “Bob Hearts Abishola,” expressing disappointment. Other reactions came from Devyn Simone of “The Challenge: Aftermath” and Riches star Adeyinka Akinirnade, who thanked Ajayi for telling the story.

Fans and even fellow Black television creators joined the conversation, emphasizing the excellence of the show and lamenting the decisions made by network executives. A fan highlighted the broader issue of representation, stating, “This is deeply disappointing. Anything intelligent and uplifting for Black people gets canceled.”

The cancellation of “Riches” also prompted discussions on the challenges of bringing diverse narratives to the forefront in the UK, as actor Emmanuel Imani acknowledged the disparity compared to the US in terms of character depth and representation. Despite the setback, fans are holding onto hope, suggesting that if the outcry is strong enough, “Riches” could potentially find a new home. The future of the series remains uncertain, pending industry responses and the ongoing dialogue surrounding the importance of inclusive storytelling.

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