Purple Rain Musical: Prince’s Iconic Film Set for Stage Adaptation

purple rain musical

Broadway producer Orin Wolf has announced the development of a stage adaptation for Prince’s iconic 1984 film, Purple Rain. The musical will be brought to life with a book by Pulitzer Prize finalist Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and direction by Tony nominee Lileana Blain-Cruz.

Purple Rain, the film released by Warner Bros. in 1984, follows the fictional story of The Kid, played by Prince, an aspiring musician navigating challenges in Minneapolis. The movie became a cultural phenomenon, grossing close to $100 million worldwide and earning the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score.

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The stage adaptation will stay true to the original screenplay by Albert Magnoli and William Blinn, incorporating Prince’s music and lyrics from the Purple Rain movie and album. The soundtrack, featuring hits like “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy,” sold over 25 million units globally, remaining atop the Billboard 200 for an impressive 24 weeks.

Details regarding the world premiere’s timing and location are yet to be announced. Producers L. Londell McMillan and Larry Mestel expressed excitement about paying tribute to Prince and the Purple Rain legacy, stating, “We can’t wait for a new generation to discover Purple Rain and for lovers of the original film and album to experience its power once again, this time live.”

“Purple Rain,” Prince’s cinematic debut was praised for its unique blend of music, drama, and Prince’s captivating performances. Its compelling narrative, exploring themes of love, music, and personal growth, resonated with audiences, making it a cultural touchstone. “Purple Rain” was honored with the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score in 1985, recognizing the exceptional soundtrack that featured iconic hits like “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy.” Beyond its box office achievements, the film’s accompanying soundtrack album sold over 25 million copies globally, topping charts and leaving an enduring impact on the music industry. Decades later, “Purple Rain” remains a classic, celebrated for its cultural significance and Prince’s groundbreaking artistry, showcasing the timeless quality of the film and its enduring popularity.

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