Tyrel Hunt’s Jazz-infused Love Letter to Queens ‘The Sound of Southside’ Hits Amazon | Stream Now

Tyrel Hunt's Jazz-infused Love Letter to Queens 'The Sound of Southside' Hits Amazon | Stream Now

Independent filmmaker and writer Tyrel Hunt celebrates the release of his self-funded project, “The Sound of Southside,” now available on Amazon as both a feature film and a novel. The work serves as a captivating homage to Jazz music, black love, community, and the rich history of Queens.

The narrative centers around a young Jazz musician, portrayed by saxophonist James Ross in his feature film debut, and Amanda Morris Hunt, known for her role in Hulu’s “Saint X.”

Jazz artists Kofi Hunter and Utril Rhaburn make their acting debuts.

“The Sound of Southside” follows the journey of a young Jazz musician as he embarks on a mission to reopen his late father’s Jazz club in the midst of the rapid gentrification sweeping through Queens, New York.

The film’s score is crafted by trumpeter Steven Fowler, enhances the immersive experience.

Drawing inspiration from Hunt’s own novel of the same name, the project not only pays homage to Queens’ rich Jazz history but also addresses pressing issues like gentrification impacting the local community.

Watch the trailer below and stream here.

Speaking about the universal appeal of the film, Hunt expresses, “While this film is set against the backdrop of some beautiful Jazz music, it’s for everyone — Jazz lovers or not. It is a universal story about love, resiliency, and legacy. I’m really proud of it and want it to reach as many people as possible.”

As a true independent venture, Tyrel Hunt takes on multiple roles, serving as the writer, director, editor, and producer of the project. The film received support from various organizations and businesses in Queens, including “A Better Jamaica,” “Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning,” and the renowned record store “VP Records.”

“The Sound of Southside” has garnered recognition on the film festival circuit, with nominations for “Best Sound Editing” at the “Festival of Cinema NY” and victories such as “Best Feature Film” at the Hip Hop Film Festival, “Outstanding Feature Film” at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, and “Best Urban Feature Film” at The Urban Film Festival of Miami.

Self-distributing the film, Hunt aims to reach a global audience and invites you to stay updated on the project through the official website, thesoundofsouthside.com.

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