Reginae Carter Leads Boxed In — Clifon Powell, Zane Also Star

Reginae Carter is cast as the lead in Maverick Entertainment’s upcoming sports drama Boxed In. Ariel Julia Harston is directing Boxed In which also stars Clifton Powell, Zane, rising stars Sean Freeman and Ernestine Johnson.

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The sports drama follows Ria, a young woman who is following her dream of being a professional female boxer. She’s doing this, however, despite her parent’s disapproval. The movie will be available for streaming exclusively on Peacock on November 1st. It will hit other streaming platforms on December 1st.

“This role will be Reginae Carter’s breakout role and will have people seeing her in a brand new light,” said J. Carter who is producing the project alongside LaShon Carter.

“On the surface, ‘Boxed In’ seems to be about boxing and fighting for the right to express a side of you that people say is wrong,” Director Ariel Julia Harston added.

“And it is about that, but at its core, it’s about family. There’s a heartwarming element to it that we hope audiences really enjoy. Because at the end of the day, you may not relate to boxing, but you can relate to how important it is to remain close to the people you love.”

About Maverick Entertainment

Founded in 1997, Maverick Entertainment continues to be the premier distributor of niche and Urban content. Having released more than 1,000 films over the past 25 years, Maverick currently controls the world’s largest library of feature-length Black Cinema. In addition to funding and producing originals, Maverick releases 100+ movies a year and distributes physically and digitally worldwide to a growing list of platform partners.

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