Skye Townsend Joins ‘The Neighborhood’ Season 6 Cast

Skye Townsend The Neighborhood

Skye Townsend is set to join the cast of the CBS comedy “The Neighborhood” for its upcoming Season 6.

“The Neighborhood,” created by Jim Reynolds, revolves around a white Midwestern family adjusting to life in a predominantly African American neighborhood in Pasadena, California. The new season of The Neighborhood will bring viewers back to South Central to catch up with Dave (Max Greenfield), his wife Gemma (Beth Behr) and the Johnsons as they continue to try and adjust to life outside the Midwest. And how their neighbors like Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) and Tina (Tichina Arnold) continue to be bemused by their sheltered worldview.

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Marcel Spears, Sheaun McKinney, and Hank Greenspan round out the cast. The comedy was renewed for its sixth season in January. The show is scheduled to return with new episodes on February 12.

In this season, Townsend will take on the role of Courtney, a character loosely inspired by Sarah Francis Jones, the girlfriend of “The Neighborhood” star Spears. Courtney’s character is based on Jones’s real-life experience of going into labor at a Beyoncé Renaissance concert.

Described as exceptionally intelligent, Courtney entered MIT at the age of 16 and worked at JPL before turning 21. She is portrayed as a person with a vibrant personality—cool, outgoing, and possessing a great sense of humor. Having previously worked with Marty (played by Spears) at JPL, she has recently been hired as an electrical engineer at The Fuse Box. The storyline unfolds as Marty and Courtney, having hooked up a few months back, find themselves expecting a child. Courtney is upfront about her feelings for Marty but is adamant about not getting married.

Alongside Townsend’s addition to the cast, Kevin Pollak is set to return in Season 6 as Dave Johnson’s (Greenfield) father, Lamar. Lamar, after reconnecting with his son following decades of abandonment, is eager to reintroduce himself into his son’s, and now his son’s family’s, life.

The plot explores the dynamics of Dave and Gemma (Beth Behrs) warming up to the idea of Lamar being a bigger part of their lives, despite their reservations due to Lamar’s former criminal past. Although Lamar assures them that his thieving days are behind him, the storyline takes a twist when he finds himself on the hook for stealing some crucial father-son moments from Dave.

Townsend is most known for her role in the Emmy-winning HBO variety series “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” Townsend’s recent projects include starring in the OWN movie “A Christmas Serenade” and featuring in the MTV film “Pretty Stoned.” Her additional credits encompass “Christmas Party Crashers” for BET+, “iCarly” on Paramount+, and Netflix’s “Lucifer.”

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