Storm Reid Joins the Battle Against the Demon Nun in Nun II Co-Written By Akela Cooper [TRAILER]

Storm Reid Joins the Battle Against the Demon Nun in Nun II Co-Written By Akela Cooper [TRAILER]

The Nun II, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 horror hit The Nun, is set to bring fresh chills and thrills to audiences on September 8, 2023. Directed by Michael Chaves and produced by Peter Safran and James Wan, this spine-tingling installment in The Conjuring Universe promises to take fans on another terrifying journey into the world of demonic forces.

The trailer for The Nun II has just been released, and it promises a heart-pounding experience. Taissa Farmiga returns as Sister Irene, along with Jonas Bloquet as Maurice. They’ll once again confront the malevolent Valak, portrayed by Bonnie Aarons. However, this time, they’re joined by the talented Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell, adding new dimensions to the story.

Storm Reid, known for her roles in Missing and Euphoria, is a notable addition to the cast. She brings depth and diversity to the film, a fact celebrated by screenwriter Akela Cooper, who worked diligently to enhance representation in the script.

Speaking about her role in The Nun II, Storm Reid expressed her excitement for being part of a purposeful and layered film. “Even though this is a scary movie,” Reid stated, “it’s about character, it’s about friendship and growth and taking risks.”

Early responses to The Nun II from critics who attended screenings are overwhelmingly positive. The sequel is being hailed as a significant improvement over its predecessor, with praise for its scares, intensity, and shocking third act. While the exact details of the story are still embargoed, critics have been quick to express their excitement about the film.

The Nun II continues the legacy of Valak, a demonic entity that has become an iconic figure in The Conjuring Universe. Valak’s nun form, portrayed by Bonnie Aarons, is as sinister as ever, and fans can expect an unforgettable showdown between Valak and the courageous Sister Irene.

As the release date of September 8, 2023, approaches, horror enthusiasts and fans of The Conjuring Universe can prepare themselves for a terrifying cinematic experience. Watch the trailer below.

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