Aristotle Torres’ “Story Ave” Starring Asante Blackk, Luis Guzmán and More Gets Release Date [TRAILER]

story ave

“Story Ave,” directed by Aristotle Torres, is set to hit select theaters on September 29, 2023. The film stars Asante Blackk, Luis Guzmán, Alex Hibbert, Melvin Gregg, Coral Peña, and Cassandra Freeman.

This film is a reflection of Torres’ life and an expansion of his 2018 short film of the same name. Torres and Bonsu Thompson co-wrote “Story Ave” which follows the journey of a teenage graffiti artist. After running away from home, he unexpectedly crosses paths with an unsuspecting MTA worker in a life-altering robbery gone right.

Official synopsis reads:

South Bronx teen Kadir (Asante Blackk) is a gifted visual artist who loses his way following the death of his younger brother. Overcome with grief and struggling with the pressures of school and family, he escapes into the thrilling yet dangerous world of graffiti gangs. To prove himself and join his neighborhood’s ruling gang, Kadir tries to rob no-nonsense MTA conductor Luis (Luis Guzmán) but is caught off guard when Luis agrees to give Kadir cash if he’ll sit down to have a meal with him. Following their conversation and the delicate, transformative friendship that grows out of it, Kadir sees for the first time how his artistic talent could lead to a better life.

The production of “Story Ave” is a collaborative effort between FirstGen Content, Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Productions, Mero Mero Production, The Space Program, and Dark Rabbit Productions. It received early development through the Sundance Director and Screenwriter Labs, with Cemi Guzmán of Dark Rabbit Productions and Luis Guzmán playing key roles in supporting Torres’ vision. Financing for the film was provided by FirstGen Content and Mero Mero Productions, with a script by Torres and Bonsu Thompson. The film boasts a distinguished list of producers, including Jamie Foxx.

The film made its world premiere at SXSW, where it received a Special Jury Award for Cinematography. The film was skillfully shot by Eric Branco.

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