The Beast: Samuel L. Jackson Might Play The President in His Next Role

the beast

Despite the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike that has cast a shadow over recent casting announcements, exciting news has emerged from the Toronto International Film Festival market. Samuel L. Jackson is currently in talks to take on the role of the U.S. President in the film titled “The Beast.”

This independent project, which comes with an interim agreement from SAG-AFTRA, was unveiled during the festival and had been packaged before the strike commenced. “The Beast” gets its name from the Presidential limousine, a formidable vehicle equipped with grenades, shotguns, armor plating, and robust bullet- and bombproofing. Joining Samuel L. Jackson in the cast is Joel Kinnaman, who plays the role of Secret Service agent Taft.

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The film’s premise is gripping: “When a militia of unidentified hostiles coordinates a coup against the U.S. presidency, the President (Jackson) uncovers the extent of The Beast’s highly classified offensive capabilities. Separated from his wife, the President must learn to control The Beast — and the monster inside himself — in order to save his life, the life of Secret Service agent Taft (Kinnaman), and America.”

Steering this intense project is director James Madigan, renowned for his work as the second unit director on “The Meg” and “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.” The screenplay comes from the talented pen of Umair Aleem, known for his work on “Kate.”

Interestingly, this won’t be Samuel L. Jackson’s first time portraying the President of the United States. He previously took on this role in the 2014 film “Big Game,” where he played a crucial part in rescuing the President after Air Force One crashes near a teenager’s campsite.

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Samuel L. Jackson is riding high after his recent six-episode run in Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” series and is gearing up to star alongside Uma Thurman in “The Kill Room,” a dark comedy set to hit theaters later this month. The film’s synopsis hints at an intriguing blend of the art world and the underworld, promising an exciting cinematic experience.

While the SAG-AFTRA strike has cast some uncertainty over pre-sales business, the emergence of packages like “The Beast” showcases the resilience and creativity of the film industry. This project, with its powerful cast and intriguing storyline, is poised to make waves in the world of cinema.

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