‘The Perfect Find’ Director Numa Perrier Talks All Black Casting and Paying Homage on Screen

the perfect find director numa perrier
The Perfect Find. (L to R) Gabrielle Union as Jenna and director Numa Perrier on the set of The Perfect Find. Cr. Alyssa Longchamp/Netflix © 2023

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of The Perfect Find. With its captivating storyline, the film transports audiences into a realm of love, laughter, and delightful summer romance. I had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with the film’s director, Numa Perrier, who graciously shared insights about the casting process and the remarkable talent behind this summer gem.

Based on Tia Williams’ acclaimed novel of the same name, The Perfect Find gracefully unfolds under the deft penmanship of Leigh Davenport. Davenport’s remarkable storytelling sets the stage for a heartwarming tale that celebrates the complexities of modern love. Guided by the visionary eye of Numa Perrier, the film breathes life into the pages of the book, offering a cinematic experience that captivates from beginning to end.

One aspect that piqued my curiosity during our conversation was the casting choices. The Perfect Find boasts an ensemble cast that reads like a who’s who of the industry, featuring luminaries such as Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, Aisha Hinds, D. B. Woodside, La La Anthony, and Gina Torres. Delving deeper, Perrier revealed the unexpected decision to deviate slightly from the familiar on-screen pairings of some actors, including the collaboration with Torres. This departure from convention added a fresh layer of intrigue to the film, maintaining the authenticity of the story while introducing new dynamics that keep audiences engaged.

For those who have yet to experience the magic of The Perfect Find, the film is now available for streaming on Netflix. Both Perrier and I enthusiastically agree that it is a must-watch summer romance that will warm your heart and leave you with a lingering sense of joy. The film’s seamless blend of humor, tenderness, and a dash of unexpected surprises creates an irresistible charm that is bound to resonate with audiences of all ages.

Before you embark on your journey into the world of The Perfect Find, I invite you to join me in this exclusive interview with Numa Perrier. Gain invaluable insights into the creative process, the challenges faced during production, and the director’s unique vision for bringing this enchanting story to life. Once you’ve indulged in the interview, lose yourself in the captivating embrace of The Perfect Find and let its heartfelt narrative sweep you off your feet.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a cinematic experience that celebrates the magic of love and the beauty of human connection. Stream The Perfect Find today and allow its authenticity and charm to transport you to a place where summer romance blossoms and dreams come true.

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