Trenyce Cobbins, Tyler Lepley Among 10 Starring in BET+ Holiday Original Christmas Ringer

Trenyce Cobbins, Tyler Lepley to Lead BET+ Holiday Original Christmas Ringer

As the warmth of summer lingers outside, an unexpected chill of winter anticipation fills the air with BET+ announcing its upcoming slate of original, holiday programming. Swirl Films, the renowned production company, has just announced the star-studded cast of their highly anticipated holiday movie, titled “Christmas Ringer.”

Trenyce Cobbins, Tyler Lepley, Tamika Scott, Chrisette Michele, and Kelly Price are set to star in the Christmas Ringer. Patricia Cuffie-Jones is directing with Q. Parker, Akbar V, Arischa Conner, Jarrett Michael Collins and Adrian Hernandez rounding out the cast.

“Christmas Ringer” tells the tale of Nicole (Trenyce Cobbins), a former singing sensation. Despite a lengthy absence from the music charts, Nicole aims to resurrect her career by delivering a captivating music video in time for Christmas. However, her plans are derailed when her manager and fiancé vanishes with all her funds. Forced to return home and seek solace, Nicole endeavors to convince her mother, Anne (Conner), to grant her early access to her trust fund, which is essential for completing the video promptly.

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Anne, instead, persuades Nicole to take charge as the choir director in their quest to win the upcoming choir competition. The prize money holds the potential to rescue their struggling family church, currently led by Nicole’s brother, Grady. Initially disheartened by the unruly and problematic singers in her care, Nicole finds renewed hope through her rekindled romance with childhood friend Jesse. With Nicole’s confident guidance, the choir gradually transforms into a united force, poised to deliver a surprising victory that could revitalize Nicole’s career.

Eric Tomosunas and Gregg McBride are executive producing, let’s delve deeper into the characters of this heartwarming film:

Nicole (Trenyce Cobbins) is described as a stunning young woman with an angelic voice, once a renowned singing star who hasn’t achieved a hit in five years. Determined to revive her career, she must complete a self-funded music video by Christmas. Her plans go awry when her untrustworthy boyfriend-manager absconds with her money, compelling Nicole to return home for the holidays after an extended absence.

Playing Michelle is Chrisette Michele, Nicole’s manager and friend. A poised and business-oriented woman, Michelle had been warning Nicole about her boyfriend’s dubious character. Unfortunately, her forewarnings prove accurate when he flees with Nicole’s finances, leaving her penniless.

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Tyler Lepley portrays Jesse, a handsome former high school star quarterback. Jesse’s football dreams were shattered by an injury, leading him back to his hometown to take charge of his family’s construction business. Jesse harbors a long-standing affection for Nicole, and her return during the holiday season stirs up old feelings.

Tamika Scott portrays Cherise, the snarky and egotistical lead singer of the choir. Initially resentful of Nicole assuming the role of choir director, Cherise becomes increasingly critical and obstructive. However, a confrontation with Nicole prompts a change of heart, and Cherise eventually becomes an asset to the choir and a close friend to Nicole.

Parker is Roland, a dapper, old school guy who once performed in a popular singing group. He has a velvet voice that is a real asset to Nicole’s choir, as are the smooth dance moves that he shares with the group. He soon looks upon the choir members as his family, until a sad misunderstanding disrupts their ranks.

Conner plays Anne, who is Nicole’s mother. The character is described as “a beautiful, warm woman who is thrilled when Nicole comes home for the first time in years. The administrator of the church where her late husband was pastor, Anne is proud of her son Grady’s work as their new pastor. However, she’s well aware that their beloved church is in deep financial difficulty. She thinks that Nicole’s arrival in their time of crisis is heaven-sent.”

Collins is Grady, who “has taken over as the minister of their deceased father’s church. However, Grady is struggling to keep his financially struggling church afloat. He and Nicole are estranged, because Grady feels that Nicole abandoned him and their family during a terrible time, when their father was dying and he had to shoulder the burden of their church and family alone.”

Hernandez is Jorge, “a Guatemalan who has found a supportive family with Grady and the members of his church. He works three jobs, sending most of his money to his grandmother back home. When he first sees Mia, he is smitten with her. Nicole is delighted to discover that Jorge has a wonderful voice, and she soon incorporates him into her church choir, just in time for the big competition.”

Akbar V takes on the role of Mia, an understated beauty who joins the choir as part of her court-mandated community service following a mall altercation. Growing up in foster homes has made Mia tough and defensive, but beneath her facade lies a vulnerable and lonely young woman in search of love. Embracing the church choir as her newfound family, Mia looks forward to experiencing her first truly joyous Christmas.

With its stellar cast, captivating story, and a dash of holiday magic, “Christmas Ringer” is set to be a must-watch this winter season.



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